1st Christmas Gathering for 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... Yes! In my favourite month of December and nothing beats the Christmas mood since November. All those Christmasy merchandises waiting for grabs. How not to love them you tell me? I'm into a frenzy this festive season. I stalked on Starbucks Christmas merchandises and already bought like a few mugs, both local and overseas. Imagine that. My husband is like shaking his head in dismay because the kitchen cabinets are never gonna be enough for me to contain my collection. Call me Stella the Collector. I love collecting stuff, which I fancy. So in my own house, I will have a collection of plushies, mugs and floral stuff. I think my plushies will come in use if we have kids. Feed them with their mummy's love for cute plushies from Mr Bean, Line and some collectibles from McDonald's. Oh and cushions.

Sorry. A little side track. You see... I lose control when it comes to Christmas. So let us get back on track.

I have this group of friends from my secondary school days. On and off we stayed in contact after our school days and until smart phone era begins, I decided to start a group chat to link them all together. So from then, we update our life and stuff on the group chat. But I find it a bit boring because 1) I was the last to get married, 2) I don't have kids yet. So whatever they talk about, I just absorbed for future use by not replying or interrupting the chat trail with my ignorance and annoying comments. I'm known for that. Bad ass.

So this year, as usual, we had our Annual Christmas Gathering with 2 absentees out of 8. Still on the healthy range with 6 of us present. Also the mandatory gift exchange. Another one suggested next year's gift exchange to use a website call draw lot dot com to do the gift exchange. This is pretty good idea. It is like playing Secret Santa. You won't know who you will receive present from until that day of the gathering. And you will receive what is useful to you because you will receive like an email to pen down your wishes. That's easier for everyone. I know what I will pen down and whoever pick on me will feel like slapping me. I promise. Haha... So excited about next year but it is like another long 11 months wait. So the venue suggested at Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate. Read quite a few reviews on them. Am curious and looking forward to it. 

So we were outside Menya Musashi Kodou trying our luck if we can get our seats before all comes. NO! Answer is NO! So when almost everyone came, we proceed in. I think nowadays many restaurants are it this way because if you reserved for big groups and not all in, you lose casual customers instantly because it is human nature of not being able to wait. For some of course. And that's probably for me because I'm an impatient lady. Except that 1 hour wait for the collagen soup at Chinatown. 

Here are some snap shots we took outside the restaurant. Because I'm too proud of my NOTE 5's selfie camera.

After ordering, another round of snap shots. I love my Note 5. Good camera, front and back. I LOVE MY NOTE 5!!! I think most of my photos taken in Taiwan and cruise trip rely on my NOTE 5. Perfect. Shall share more photos soon in a new post.

You know you don't have a tissue box to hold your camera and you resort to relying on anything for a group photo. Okay at least all our faces are captured. That matters most.

She knows when I 'strike' to take 'glamorous' photos of them. But hey... that is candid. The natural us. You can't see yourself clearly. So let cameras do the job.

And someone who knows your 'strike' and act on with funny faces. My photobomber. Damn! Her son also photobombed her photos when we went Melbourne last year for a graduation trip. So you now know who the mother is, for sure.

So now our food's turn. Camera eat first, as always. That is what a food blogger do.

Red Bukotsu Mori Ramen $18.90

Red Shabu Shabu Ramen $14.90

White Chicken Cutlet Ramen $15.90

I had this White Chicken Cutlet Ramen and you can tell how much I'm into fried food. Obviously telling you all about my body size and how 'unhealthy' I am though I'm always on diet and trying to eat clean. Though it states in the menu as popular ramen, it didn't realize 'WOW' me but still taste not that bad. I choose the thin noodles over the thick. But my friends all agree that the thick one is of better taste. Okay. I give it another chance.

And last but not least, gift exchange. That's the last part of our day. And obviously is time to go home soon. And the shop is closing too.

While they are chatting away, I grab any receipt I can find to make the lots for drawing later. Pathetic. But anyway just a one time thing. Don't need go the extreme. My friend suggested that next year's gift exchange, we shall use the online draw lots because it is a hassle when it comes to buying presents. Well... I think is a great idea. Why not? Especially when you put down what you want to your Secret Santa. Ho ho ho...

Happily with our presents. And that marks the end of our day. This is the only one gathering where the success rate is higher than any other gatherings over 12 months. But it will go on for many years. This is like a tradition set in our group.

Menya Musashi Kodou
3 Gateway Drive
#02-07, Westgate
Singapore 608532

Nearest MRT : Jurong East (EW Line)

They don't accept reservations so please go there early. Also if you have a big group, make sure all are here before you can be seated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to all my readers!