Culinary | Home Cook's Journal VII

And so everyone! Got miss my cooking post? I doubt. Because I don't cook fantastic stuff. Just simple fares at home for 2 pax. Okay. Just let me share some of my recent works.

Stir-fried Xiao Bai Cai with shrimps and Onion omelette. My husband loves putting minced onions into the egg mixture and so I did the same for him. Taste good. I really can't imagine that I can cook a plate of vegetables now. Can't believe someone who don't cook at all can now whip up a meal. Cheers to my little talent in cooking. And thank my husband for being my cooking coach. Then some tips from my mum. I guess really because I have my own kitchen. 

Just over the weekend, Bak Kut Teh in the house. Bought the spice pack by Seah's Spices and spare ribs from NTUC.


  1. Blanch the spare ribs for 1-2 mins.
  2. Throw in the blanched spare ribs into the pot together with spice pack and garlic with skin intact.
  3. Add some garlic salt for taste. 

Done. We had this pot of BKT for 2 days. The taste only gets tastier and heavier even with additional water (a small bowl size). Very convenience and easy. I didn't go with rice but instead, noodles for 2 consecutive days.

This is enough to satisfy my stomach. Enough. I'm easily satisfied. Not like my husband who still need a dish or two. His meal plan on weekends and public holiday must have fruits, vegetables, meat, soup and a fried dish. Me? Give me rice and fried anchovies enough, though not very nutrition. But anchovies have its own nutrition. Don't believe? Go google it.

Make a guess what I'm cooking? Very simple one dish meal. That's the hint to you peeps. Nah... you all must have guess. Fried Rice.

Mastering my skill on fried rice. Though is good now (according to husband) but I still must explore and also maintain the standard. Can't wait to cook for my bestie to try.

This one is by the husband. Mee Goreng. The taste is even better than those outside. I really don't know how he manage to strike a balance in the taste and spiciness. Love it. His Hokkien mee and Mee Goreng are top sellable dish if he is to come out to open a business. Not that he is my husband I say that but it is a fact. He is a better cook than me. And he is rather daring enough in cooking because he dares to try new ways to cook.

One of the weekend meal at home. Simple fare. Nothing to luxury. But if I am able to do it, I will. I miss my air-fried chicken. Feel like doing it again this weekend. All you need is a good marination recipe and done.

The charred are not real char. It is the marination. Oh... I never spray any oil so lessen the guilt. Very nice. I'm proud of our marination recipe.

I bought this from Korea because I love it so much every meal I had in Korea. So my first attempt but still couldn't achieve the taste I had in Korea. But will try again. Or just put some in the soup instead.

My husband's fried rice. He was the one who taught me fried rice too. Here, he add shrimps and meatballs which we bought from IKEA. Plus egg and fishcake. Wow generous amount of ingredients in it. 

Lastly, my porridge. The first time I cook porridge wasn't successful and the looks of it is more like a bowl of cooked rice than porridge. But after my husband's guidance, I can cook nice porridge now. I cooked porridge like most of the Sundays. The dough fritters bought from NTUC. Pre-made ones and all I need is to air-fry for 10 mins at 180deg. Now, I couldn't find it anymore. So popular now this product. If I ever find it, I shall stock it more.

Hope you have a good eye feast on my cooking. Wait up for the next one soon. Bye!