Food Review | MK Restaurant

No need to introduce by now. MK Restaurant has stepped foot in Singapore, with their 2nd outlet at West Gate, conveniently beside Jurong East MRT station. Been to one during my holiday at Phuket, Thailand. Find it decent for their choices of side dishes for the steamboat. But the soup bases (Original Soup and Tom Yum Soup) was good, esp Tom Yum of course. My all-time favourite. Now let the photos talk.

So here are some or many just these amount of food that we had which is enough to fill up stomachs of two ladies who are going on diet. Probably I like most is their MK Salmon, that doesn't really taste like salmon but more like fishcake, or seafood tofu (bottom left) kind of taste. Don't know why even though there isn't any special. And another one is Udon. Was going to have Tom Yum Udon. Wow... pardon me if you all do find such Udon out there but it is great. I love it. Curry Udon or Udon soup is too mainstream. Good try I tell you.

There you go. I never add in soup because the Udon has already absorbed that tom yum soup base and it is spicy and good enough. So high after having it that leads me to a 2nd order. Just bought some pre-packed Udon at home and shall try it soon. 

They have 2 soup base which is Original Soup and Tom Yum. You can ask for both of them (a mix) like what we have asked for. I think I had mostly from the Tom Yum. Though I have this love-hate affair with spicy stuff but just couldn't let go my love for Tom Yum.

We ordered a small plate of duck which they were promoting to us that if we have buffet steamboat, can get it at a cheaper price. Overall, I still prefer the Herbal duck at Dian Xiao Er. Was decent over here but just incomparable with those at Chinese restaurants. But not to waste them, we finished it like 90% of them.

Oh yes... can't go without beer when I'm out with my friend. But what I wanna tell you peeps out there is their MK Sauce. A must have dip for your food which is not spicy but sweet instead. You can only have it inside MK restaurants and not selling too. Secret Recipe you know. 

Pretty decent but they may want to expand their variety for the dishes for steamboat. And also get rid of the flies. 

So if you wanna try, here is their outlet addresses:

313 Orchard Road #B3-30/31/32
Nearest MRT: Somerset

3 Gateway Drive #B1-12
Nearest MRT: Jurong East