Travelogue | Yong Pyong Ski Resort, Korea

And so... the travelogue continues. After Jeju Island, we fly back to Gimpo for our stay at Yong Pyong Ski Resort. Rather excited because skiing for the very 1st time in life. Moments of snowstorm while trying out at the ski field. Falling big times on that rough hard ice. And best of all, snow! That's probably around noon time. Heavy snow fall. How can you don't like when it is your 1st time in life seeing and touching snow? We are so blessed this trip. I don't need Cherry Blossoms because I saw it in Taiwan. I need snow!

Upon arriving at Gimpo, we head for lunch.

Thereafter, we head up to Everland which is near to our lunch venue. 5-10 mins I guess. Not sure what is in store for us there. But first, let us go visit the animals inside Everland.

The highlight of the zoo is Liger, mating between tiger and lion gives you Liger. Get it? You don't? Too bad. Anyway, I wasn't listening to what the guide says and keep snapping away. So I forgotten which is Liger. Can you figure out for me?

After that we have a few hours of Free & Easy inside Everland and so went snapping photos, taking rides and again, ice cream and shopping at Line store.

Hub wanted to have their roast squid. So we have it. But because of the cold weather, no matter how hot piping your food is, it will turn cold in seconds. Well... bear with it. More hilarious is our friend's medicated oil he carried with him was frozen. Wtf! The coldness has hit the climax! 

Took this ride with hub and friend. Scream at the top of my voice (anyway no one cares) and seriously scare die me. But is fun. In life you need excitement. 嫁鸡随鸡, 嫁狗随狗. That is ethical. He likes, I like.

And then was this ride. Haiz... I seriously got myself a husband who just love excitement. Not exciting not fun. So I just follow. SCREAMMMMMM at the top of my voice!

I didn't go for this. I think I had enough. The duo went because guys. Well... I just took a video of their ride that's all. In my Youtube channel now. Never mind. I post here the video clip.

And then I found the 2nd Line store inside Everland. So happy and decided to shop for a cushion and nonsensical thingy to satisfy my love for Line Characters. I love LINE!

And inside Everland's giftshop, I spotted this lamb plushies. So cute and demure. Yes... 2015 is the Year of Goat, known to many. 

And is dinner time. Oh so boring... Mushroom pot. Full of mushroom. Though my favourite, but the soup is tasteless. Superb healthy right? But that's not very right. No wonder hub said that the food provided thru out this trip is so economical. Just because is cheaper with bigger volume of tourists. Haiz... 

A long journey up to Yong Pyong Ski Resort. The highlight of this post. The driver hit the wrong route and it took longer than expected to reach the ski equipment rental shop before we are able to hit the sack at the resort. I feel nausea for the first time up the hill a.k.a 高山症. Luckily I can tahan till I reach the resort to take the motion sickness pills I prep in luggy. Coming down from the resort wasn't that bad. Gravity wise. I don't know how to explain that.

Satisfied with their 1st ski experience. Me too. But I fall big times. Damn it. Couldn't capture the essence of braking. 跌个狗吃屎. How many a times I have to get up or to be helped while getting up. So embarrassing. Our friend somehow sprain his back. Old already all of us. I specifically wanna mention tgat the ski shoes are heavy, noisy and makes u walk like Transformers or Robotcop. Really.

Had our lunch at Lotteria, which is some fastfood restaurant like KFC. I only like the squid rings. 9 pieces shared between 3 of us. Well... it gets abit sick after finishin the 2nd one. Each of us a drumlet, wing and breastmeat. Why cheesestick only 2? So unfair ya....

Next in our itinerary is a trip to the indoor water theme park. You guess what? Sorry for not having photos to let you peeps witness that shiokness of dipping in the outdoor pool while snow flakes falling on our head. How can this be? This trip is really a superb lucky one. Dipping in the pool, enjoying the warm for lower body and coldness for upper. The snow flakes just falls on you, your face and hair. I love KOREA! So lucky. I was praying to see snow before this trip and yes I got it. No regrets anymore.

Outside the theme park. Waiting for the rest to gather before heading for dinner. I was just fooling around with snow. Be it dirty or not on the floor, I just can't help it. Don't care anyone's presence. Just play with it. Took video of the snow. In my Youtube channel too. I also told the hub to take photo of me throwing up the snow in burst mode. Yes... did capture the essence...

Head for some boring hotpot again. Okay okay... I must be appreciative because the tour guides are good. They plan the itinerary well. They feed us well too, by refilling unlimited times of food for us so long as our stomach can contain. I must learn to be appreciative. I must. And by the way, I love their tang hoon cooked in any ways. I found it at their supermarket before heading back to Singapore. You know how crazy I am? I bought 6 packs home. Give 3 away and left 3 for myself. Hahaha... too extreme.

Oh let me post this video on the fire crackers we bought and play after our dinner. Just outside the dining venue. The boss owned the place so we can just freely play. All you need is buy.

Hi. Dessert time. Nougat ice cream before hitting the sack. Nothing but ice cream on cold places. It typically looks longer than those I saw in SG which means the portion is bigger than usual. But not really when it is the cone that is longer only.

Check out from Yong Pyong Ski Resort after 2 nights stay. While waiting for the rest to gather up, photo taking time. Actually, I rather take for others than be taken. Because I have a husband who doesn't care angles, distance of photos he takes. Damn angry. Wanted a proper pic of this place where Winter Sonata is shoot. You can't see me right? Yeah right. Thanks Hub! You are a brilliant photographer.

One thing about Korea up to the moments before heading to Seoul, their toilets are clean despite an influx of Chinese tourists. Seriously. But I don't understand one thing is that why we can't throw toilet papers into the WC after using and have to throw in the bin instead. Doesn't that makes the cubicle smells bad if someone poo? I don't think it will seriously choke the pipeline. But since the tour guide has mentioned, then just follow. 

Next up, Seoul. Stay tune.

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