Travelogue | Jeju Island, Korea

Finally the trip to Korea is off my wish list after much talks for years. Again, we signed up with CTC Travel (previous trip to Okinawa too) after much consideration. Initially the package I wanted includes Nami Island and Petite France but because the minimum pax is not met, so I took another one as suggested by their staff. And this means I will have a 2nd trip to Korea again just for the few places that I wanted. Winner! So I shall not say more. Enjoy some snapshots taken at Jeju Island...

Yongduam Rock a.k.a Dragon Head Rock

It does look like a dragon head from the side. But of course the body isn't really that of a dragon. Take a good look. Any other perspectives from your view?

It is called the Dol hareubang, a stone guardian of Jeju Island and also known as the 'grandpa made out of stone'. One or a pair (which is a female and male) can been seen displayed outside houses or buildings in Jeju Island. So much like Okinawa. The tour guide said touching the nose of the male hareubang get hopes of a son. Well... I'm not sure how true it is but no harm right? 

Went horse riding the next day. Superb cool to wallop on a horse. My 1st time. Previously was either elephant ride in Bangkok or up on a camel for photo in Shenzhen. And nw horse. Loving that experience. The horses are tamed and they know where they suppose to go. Too familiar to act blur right Horsie? 

Tangerine Farm

The tangerine season is almost over and hardly much left for us... But luckily... towards the back of the farm, there are available ones for photo taking and plucking. Heng! But lucky for those after us. Strawberries.... Anyway the tangerines are sweet and seedless. Awe!

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Seongeup Folk Village

The shooting scene of this drama. OMG I love this drama and I remember hooking on with my mum till the last episode. I guess many places are shooting scene of Korean dramas. No doubt.

Either I'm tall or this hut is built low. Well... they did not change much of this place because of preservation of their heritage.

The toilet system from the past. No water or flushing system. Poo and the wild boar will handle it below. Oh man... one and only wild boar I saw in this village.

Hello Kitty Island

I shall post a few shots because not my cup of tea when it comes to pink and girly stuff. But I actually bot a Korean traditional costume Hello Kitty because it makes this trip meaningful with Korean theme stuff. Had tea at Hello Kitty Cafe. Superb pinky!

Trick Art Museum

Been to the one in Singapore but it was Alive Museum at Suntec City. Anyway is all the same. Trick Arts. Also before this museum, we were at the Ice Museum which meh.... photos wasn't taken well because still can't get use to taking in low light or probably I never did a good setting.

After that, head for The Painter Hero show. Very talented guys. And yes... you have saw my previous post on a Youtube video titled Stargazer by Paloma Faith. One of the drawing, they used this song and drew out the essence of this song. It matches everything and the feel is there. Do watch this show. Really awesome.

Local Meals

We actually reach on a Sunday in Seoul and transit only in the afternoon to Jeju Island. So that's hours before our flight. Thus itinerary was to Dongdaemum for an hour plus free & easy. I don't really go for shopping thus we went for finger food at Dotta.

By Bake Industry
We simply can't read a single word and just gesture (point out) to the one we wanted. Not bad, esp the fries. There is Tteokbokki in there too.

Why does it taste more like pita bread than pizza? I wonder. Really thin like pita bread.

This potato pizza seems to be interesting but too bad the hub don't want. Only want those with pepperoni or salami. Boring guy... Anyway I also not really into it but just curious to encounter such a pizza. I'm not very into pizza so I may not know if this is available already in Singapore. Pardon me. I suggest they have this Tteokbokki pizza. I wonder how it tastes like.

Found my first Line store in Korea at Dotta basement. So happy to see all the merchandises and how I wish I can grab everyone home. Sally shares the same birthday as me, 27 April. A Taurus. Woot...

Here is me with Cony. I love this expression from Cony. So cute... Why you so cute? But when you are angry, you are also so cute....

And then we head on for our lunch at Nuddle Nuddle. At first I thought it was some noodles shop but end up, we are actually having a instant noodles buffet. Lolz.

Full of Korean instant noodles. Different types, different flavours, different spicy level and non-spicy type. Oh well... I have only 1 stomach and how I wish I could stuff everything into it. The only time you felt that having instant noodles is just so enjoyable thingy.

They also have ready-food in buffet style for patrons too. But I don't really fancy from one look at it. Kimchi rice and gyoza. I prefer hot piping gyoza. Crispy and juicy.

And there is soft drinks and ice cream too... Mixed taste on your taste bud.

Our dinner on the first day of arrival is at Jeju Island. Went to this place called Da Hae Jeong.

Family-styled dinner. Lots of different dishes add up to a meal for everyone. Quite a balanced meal I must say. There is egg, fish, veggie, meat, rice and soup.

My first breakfast in Jeju Island was Abalone Porridge. And the first time I know Abalone Porridge should be in this colour. At least in Jeju Island (or maybe Korea). Tasty. No traces of abalones bites and was told they use don't know the organs or whatever of the abalone to cook this pot of abalone porridge. I like.

And heard from the tour guide that in Korea (or Jeju Island) porridge is meant for those sick people for speedy recovery thru nutrients consumption. Not like us who can just have porridge anytime without reasons.

Lunch... And that's like the start of a meaty trip till the last day in Korea. Oh man... although is nice and tasty to have. But you get kind of sick after that. *puke*

Tea-time at Hello Kitty Island. Looks cute. Hello Kitty fans out there. Do visit this place if you are in Jeju Island or find out from the tour agency if the itinerary covers this place in Jeju Island.

Ginseng Chicken Soup. It contained rice in it. Wow... best at warming your body esp on freezing cold days here in Jeju Island. I was having a little headache at that time so didn't had much to prevent further heatiness in my body.

I certainly find the combi weird. 2nd breakfast in Jeju Island. Went to a small shop for mee sua. Of course you are in Korea. The side dishes like kimchi will never be left out from dining table. And there is toast bread too. *scratch head* But anyway, let's be appreciative. This at least will fill up our stomach before realizing outside is having a light snowing... I finally saw snow flakes. Blessed.

And crazy things I do in cold countries is HAVING ICE CREAM! No wrong right? When I was in Japan, I did the same thing. So shiok.

That's all for Jeju Island highlights. Need to sort out for Seoul before I post. Enjoy.

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