Travelogue | Seoul, Korea

Before I continue, for my readers' convenience, read my Korea travelogue here:

Okay. Done! So let me continue with the last leg of this trip. Back to Seoul after 2 nights stay at Yong Pyong Ski Resort. Unforgettable experience. Why? Because many of my 1st were given to this place. Snow. Ski. Nuff say. I'm like repeating again and again. 

Lunch. Okay. We are like a bunch of glutton. Eat and nothing but eat. And some more is meat. That is why I say this is not just a kimchi trip but a meaty one too. Agree? Seriously 'loving' it. Fat die me.

Bukchon Hanok Village

And next up, to Bukchon Hanok Village. There residents still living in this area, in the traditional houses which I'm really mesmerized by it. I don't have the very good skill to capture the essence of every houses but I must say it is definitely a worthy walk through. There are guides around the area to help direct tourists and also some holding a signboard to remind us not to make too much noise. That is courtesy because still, there is residents.

Getting to Know

Bukchon Hanok breaks into the meaning of Northern Village (Bukchon) and Traditional Houses (Hanok). Now not only there are still residents around, the hanoks are operating as cultural centers, guesthouses and so on in order to create the opportunity for visitors to know more about traditional culture of the Koreans.

My dad loved such slopes with housings on both sides after looking through the photo album. Love to share w them my trips so develop the photos before heading home for dinner w them. That's what I do for Melbourne trip last year. Brilliant! Yes... I'm a old school human. I still develop photos. 

The modern and traditional housing side by side. Nice. I find that somehow, the modern housing still have the traditional feel exists. Probably in colours. But just feel it so right.

And then we reach the main road. I saw Churros. Cannot don't eat. Must have my fix. While waiting, I realize we are actually late. We supposed to gather at Korea time 3.40pm and we are late for 15 minutes. Once I got my churros, we run. Actually kind of lost our way after walking too far. So I adopted the stick to the main road strategy to get to our coach. And luckily we found our way back. Nice try. This method works. The 2 tour guides are looking for the 3 of us. Phew... thank you Qian Qian and Seven for being patient enough to look and wait for us.

N Seoul Tower

A long steep slope up to N Seoul Tower. I don't know but I love the trees surrounding the area. In my photos, I really need all these trees to complement everything. But need skill to capture the right angle. Slopes and slopes... It feels like in Melbourne. I see slopes many a times. How nice!

N Seoul Tower is really a loving place. It is situated on top of Namsan Mountain and you are getting a good view of Seoul. What's more? Full of love. Lots of love lock trees around the area. Couples came and lock their love there. Whether a myth or not, this is something romantic to do with your loved one. Imagine over the years, how many Korean couples and even tourists came here to lock seal their love. It might or might not work but most importantly is how the couple make their relationship works. Mutual understanding and trust are still priority. It took me awhile to learn and still learning. Never stop learning people.

And then we throw the keys into a post box type and yes... seal. At first I thot where the hell they throw the keys. I peep the outside and was like 'No way the keys are gonna thrown out this way as it only creates a mess of keys all over the road or path'. Sorry. 1st timer. Give change. And it is my husband who found the post box meant for the keys.

And my hub pointed out that some locks are just hanging there instead of locking. How will this be locked safely then? Just find a space to lock it. It loses the meaning of lock love. Hub went to find a space for it. Yes... definitely there is a space. Whether you make an effort or not. If pranksters are around, they might just take and throw away. Do it the proper way lah.

And lastly a mandatory photo with the love lock tree we locked our love lock to. I hope the next trip if we happen to come here again, I will still remember which tree we lock on. 

And then is ice cream time. Know why we had ice cream instead of a drink? Because don't need to keep going for a pee. Ice cream can quench thirst too. Crazy things we do in cold countries. My style.

Skip the dinner part because is all the same. The next day Chinese style breakfast. Congee with different side dishes. Two tour groups in the restaurant and the other group was rather noisy. Talk too loud as usual. Pretty annoying.

Then as usual, shopping stops. Crystal, facial session and so on. You can never avoid such itinerary. Bear that in mind. Be it in Korea or Taiwan, all these shopping stops are like mandatory in package tour. Either you are convinced to buy or you stay firm on your ground. Anyway, this is something I learn from past trips. If you want to go on package tour, make sure it is not only yourself and your partner because I know some package states '2 to go'. Make sure it is a big group (minimum 10 pax) and then you won't be embarrassed for not buying anything from each stop. Take advantage of such.

Time flies. I thought I just had breakfast. Shortly after, lunch time. How not to get fat? So since I'm with 2 guys, so I push the fats to them. Both of them gave that death stare. I think both of them get so stuffed after the meal. And keep nagging at me for doing that. I really can't stuff any more food. What to do?

Guess what we having? Shabu Shabu and Bibimbap. What a combi! Well... I must say that the max I will go for bibimbap is half. After that if you were to continue stuff yourself, it gets a little sick. The Shabu Shabu is full of vegetables. Healthy of course. I think the soup taste is much better than the bland soup from the mushroom pot.

We were told by the tour guide to put as much chilli sauce into Bibimbap. 这才是王道. But I didn't because I don't care. My preference right? 


I guess I prefer Myeongdong 明洞 than Dongdaemum 东大门. More stuff to look at and first look, it feels like I'm at Taipei Ximending. Calling out all the Taiwanese. Visit Myeongdong if you are in Korea. That's my personal view. You don't have to take it to hard. I love Taiwan too and probably travelling there again this year. It has been long since the last trip to Taipei. Anyway, no doubt la. Korea and Taiwan have once been occupied by Japan. That is past and history. But I really feel like I'm in Japan when actually in Korea. So love the place. Both countries I love. Okay. All three is love.

Soft serve. Matcha and Strawberry soft serve. You can count how many ice cream or soft serve I have in this trip alone. Well done! I love holding a tall soft serve like that. Superb cool. Taste nice too. I thought I can have as much ice cream as I can but my stomach has its limitation. Sorry... I couldn't bear to stuff myself though it looks so tempting.

I must say that this is simply mochi and nothing more. It doesn't make any difference when strawberry is put inside. The taste is so separated. Mochi (skin and paste) and strawberry. Not really worth. But I must admit that Korea strawberries are sweet. I love it.

Lotte World

They have indoor and outdoor so we went the latter first for the frightening rides again. Why do I have to go through all these frights? And using all my strength to scream at the top of my voice. God bless me. Went for 2 rides. Initially wanted to go for 1 more but too long queue and I'm scare too. So give up. Hub seems disappointed. Idiot. This trip has satisfied many of his desires like snow, ski, firecrackers, rides. Should be enough.

And dinner is on our own. So happy like finally we can choose what to have. Tour guide recommended the Zha Jia Mian 炸酱面. When we almost going to try, heard from our tour group mates that it wasn't really very nice so we saved the calories. Because before that, we had fried chicken. 

We ordered a small plate and didn't expected to turn out such a big plate. Almost full before heading for Zha Jia Mian 炸酱面. Our plan was a plate of fried chicken and Zha Jia Mian 炸酱面. Cannot. Really cannot. When we first reach Korea, I keep telling hub that we must try Korean Fried Chicken with beer. This is the best combi according to some reads online. I guess this one is the 2nd time this trip. 

To sum up for Lotte World, walk around the place, watch the parade at Korea Time 8.30pm, took some kiddy ride and shop for Laneige products. I wonder why all the ladies are going ga-ga over Laneige products. Seriously. The counter at Lotte Mall is crowded with so many people that I got fed up and went off without buying. Anyway it is not for me. Just help to buy. I don't get it. Do you have pimple creams for me? I need pimple creams.

Kimchi Making

Earlier on, we had a short kimchi making session. Very simple one which just require us to brush it with the mixture/sauce and wrapped it while listening to how kimchi come about and so on. Having it everyday and not knowing how it comes about plus making process is so not right. But we couldn't bring back the kimchi because of some airline regulations (whatever...) so just took photos with it.

Hanbok Trying

Damn it. Now that I see this photo, the little hat on me doesn't seems to match my outfit. Arrghh... Never mind. At least I tried before. Easy to wear, like slip on and tie up. That's all. But I think is best that I can be taller a little so that I won't keep stepping on the dress. 

Lunch before flight to Singapore

Time flies and time to head home. I still got many places that I wanted to visit in Seoul. I can't wait to come back. But as for now, refresh and get back to work. Work and save hard for next trip. Now I find that package tours are not as bad as free & easy. Just that your itinerary is fixed for the former and time constraint. Free & easy is all your call. You plan everything but it could be more expensive than package tour. I don't know. You might not agree with me but maybe because you are able to get cheaper hotels or flights. More resourceful than me. Teach me teach me!

Lessons learnt from this trip

  1. Knowing you are gonna be on a ski field, bring a anti-slip or snow shoes/boots. I fall big times just because I want to take photo in the field because of its slippery surface of ice...
  2. Must always have motion sickness/nausea pills with you, just in case travelling/sitting for 2-3 hours in the coach with no stopping. Esp those who doesn't fall asleep easily. Worse, the driver hit the wrong route. That's extra hours.
  3. Bring 2 luggage for cold/winter places because 1 is too heavy with winter wears. I always go for convenience thus always share 1 luggage with husband.
Thank you CTC Travel for the awesome trip. My experience with CTC Travel was so far so good. No hiccups. Their counterparts are awesome too. From my 3 posts on Korea, you roughly know the standard places I have went according to the itinerary. Very touristy places. Looking forward to my next trip with CTC Travel.


Let me sum up the trip with a video self-made by myself with the many photos I took this trip. Apparently, this Facebook bans my uploading of this video. Excuse me. I have the copyright because is MINE, YOURS TRULY! Enjoy.