Culinary | Impromptus Cooking Date

Supposed to be a house visit during Lunar New Year, but never did I know it became our first cooking date. With my ITE bestie of more than a decade. I invited them over to my house because it is the first year our crib celebrates Lunar New Year so probably that shall warm up this house a little. Christmas cum New Year has been celebrated with his friends over a steamboat dinner. Superb cool but unable to beat this cooking date with my bestie. This is the type of life I wanna spend with friends. 

I started to realize from yesterday that I really enjoy such date with my friends. I don't really enjoy much over a dinner and drink outside and talk about kids and nothing but kids. I have no kids so it bores me out. So I don't really wanna go for such gathering and usually I will just keep quiet to see the response from majority in the group chat.

Never mind those. New found way to spend time with friends.

Grab this pic from my friend's sister. Too busy with adding the items into the Yusheng with auspicious words to say. I ordered this Yusheng from Sakae Sushi and collected on Sunday before they came over to my house. Hot sunny day and I feel so irritated along with my head throbbing. Then I find that the salmon included in the Yusheng doesn't seems enough so I msg them if they can help buy some more salmon. Thank God for the salmon. Enough for all of us 7 pax + 1 baby. Not the first time Lo Hei but then we still don't seem to know what to say for each item. And damn it. After we finished, only to realize and spotted by me that it was indicated on the Yusheng box. Why are we so cock-eyed?

Later on at about 6+, I asked them to stay for dinner and jio my bestie to cook together. So fun. It is hot in the kitchen though just the 2 of us because of the heat from the stove, rice cooker and air fryer. Plus no wind blowing from outside. Why huh? So the 2 of us take turn to cook and wash the dishes.

There you go. Done by Chef Christine and Chef Stella. Nothing complicated. Just frying, stir-frying or air-frying. Simple right. Enough to feed 7 pax. A simple Campbell soup to make up 8 dishes. Woohoo.... Though tiring, but it is fun and memorable. No energy to gamble (godson keep asking everyone to play 大老二) too. So end up playing with his parents, god-dad and aunty.

Then this youngest godson of mine who is hyperactive since they reached my house at 4pm up to 6+, drained out. Had his milk and sleep. Peace for everyone. Then wake up an hour + later, not much energy still. Cranky. Then drink his balance milk while lying on the sofa. Can tell he is exhausted.

9+ at night, they head home. So that's end of a Sunday. And Lunar New Year is ending too in 4 days on 5 Mar 2015. Time flies. It has been a year since we collected the keys to our new home. And in 17 days, it will be a year since we ROM. Everything is 1st year for us this year. Love my life as a married woman although is not completed yet with kids.

Anyway, life still goes on. Look forward to more happenings in my 30s. I don't know why ladies shoo the ages in 30s but not me. I feel that my life only begins from 30.

Many of us married women will tend to keep our weekend available for family but I guess this needed some changes. For me, if I have events to attend on weekends, I will go ahead without my husband. He doesn't really go out on weekends except for work or go back to his mum's place for dinner. I don't mind spending weekend for such cooking/baking dates. Or cafe hopping.

I see my bestie going everywhere with her 2 sons and husband, sometimes her sister joined in too. Gatherings or whatever, they will go as a family. They don't just stick to themselves on weekend which many call it family day. I want to follow her example. For sure. And in future if I have kids, they will be her god son or god daughter too. I'm very selective so till date, only her 2 sons are my godsons and no more. I believe in fate.

Enough of my blabbering. Bye! Countdown to 元宵a.k.a 15th day of LNY and also the last day of LNY.