Media Invite | Unwrap the fun with Mcdonalds

What's brewing at Mcdonald's? Spotted those nice green balloons on the right? 

Wow... arrived at Bishan Park Mcdonald's for their event and we were welcomed by these superb fresh greens. Hi Cucumber, Carrot, Tomatoes and Lettuce. What are you veggies up to? It looks like we are gonna have a superb healthy meal later on.

And the night started off with Ms Sam from Mcdonald's Singapore addressing to the bloggers. And I'm so in love w e green balloons. Pardon me for that. My fav color.


Mcdonald's new launch: McWraps!
Comes in
Grilled Chicken McWrap and Spicy Chicken McWrap. 

Live Demonstration

Crew member demonstrating how this Mcwrap is done. Simple ingredients all on the table, like crisp green lettuce leaves, tomatoes, purple cabbage, crunchy carrots and the grilled skinless chicken patty. Yes... we are talking about Grilled Chicken McWrap here which will be served to us too.

Food bloggers doing their job: Food photography, and just gonna get the right angle to put up the best shot to blog.

This is what inside the wrap. V fun right? Skinless grilled chicken. Yummy! Guilt-free wrap. Also whole-grain Tortilla. Superb healthy w veggies n lotsa veggies. 

And we roll and roll to get the end product: Grilled Chicken McWrap

Tadaa.... It is done. As simple as ABC. It can be even better if we can choose the amount/portion of veggie to be more or less. That all depends whether you wanna eat healthy. 

Still busy taking photos after the demo.
That's what food bloggers do. Snap and Eat! That's the rule.

I love live demonstration and probably some games. It makes an event more lively as there are more engagement and interaction between the host and guests rather than just presenting their speeches and serving up the food. I'm lovin' it!

The Meal

Here is their Corn Cup to start the meal with. Crunchy corn kernels containing the right serving of antioxidants a person need. Actually I enjoy having it without margarine. I love food at their original taste. Juicy!

Here comes the Grilled Chicken McWrap in a very nice packaging that simply tells you to eat healthy. Look at the colour. In green. Even the serviettes are green. Oh man... How they know my fav color is green? Nah... just kidding.

How to save yourself from a messy affair

And now, presenting to you: Grilled Chicken McWrap

I love this McWrap. Tender skinless chicken surrounded by all the fresh crunchy veggie. The sauce was sparsely spread within and goes well with the content. The husband approves of it though the portion wasn't enough for him. But then a light meal like this is especially good if taken during lunch so that you won't be in the state of 'food coma' when you worked towards the 2nd half day at your desk. Haha...

For the Spicy Chicken McWrap, you will find the same greens as in the above except it will be a crispy spicy chicken patty. Drizzled with creamy mayonnaise. Mamma mia!

Launching soon on 14 August 2014! 


As you know, Mcdonald's has this Nutrition Calculator that calculates the Breakfast or Lunch/Dinner meal options in Energy (Kcal), Protein, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibres and Sodium. 

Their Extra Value Meals are mainly paired with french fries and a drink. And the calories of their EVM usually exceeds 500.

So now, they are introducing Delight 500 which offers delicious meal options that are 500 calories and below.

So the next time when you step into Mcdonald's restaurants for your meal, swap for a delicious Corn Cup (64 kcal) and Coca-Cola Light® (0 Kcal, but note on the sodium contents) or Dasani Bottled Water® at no extra cost! Better options right? Superb good news for those who wanna go on diet or eating healthy like me!

My Own Personal Tip: I will request no tartar sauce for my Filet-O-Fish to minimize the guilt. Probably reducing your sodium intake. A plain Filet-O-Fish is just as nice and the sauce only enhance the taste further but if the fish patty has what it takes to taste so good w/o sauces, a round of applause please. The recipe is good! So do away with sauce! Enjoy the taste of its own.

New Garden Side Salad

If you wanna incorporate more greens to your daily meals, you can opt for the new Garden Side Salad at additional $1.20 only when you change your side in your meal.

The Garden Side Salad has whole leaf lettuce, red & white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes with Japanese Dressing.

Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

I think the above combi is certainly not just healthy but also promoting good bowel movement because of the fibres content. 

Having fast food will never be the same at Mcdonald's. 

Start a healthy diet now!
Cos I'm lovin' it!