Media Invite | Alive Museum Singapore

Lesson 2

K-Pop Stars? Korea Beauty Products & Fashion? Korean Food? Korea Trips? But how about an unusual Korean museum?

As you know I have been wanting to go Korea for a long time and hasn't been fulfilled yet. By doing some homework on the tour packages available from various travel agencies, I came to know of Alive Museum

About Alive Museum

+Alive Museum is Korea's original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum that gives you 3 different experiences in Trick Art, Digital Art and Object Art. 

At other museums, 'See but don't touch' rule is applicable but not at +Alive Museum Singapore . 

They are UNUSUAL.

Now, without having to fly over to Korea first, I get to experience the unusual at Alive Museum here in Singapore! Opened since June 2014, the 10,000 sqft new attraction located in the heart of Singapore city will sure be another booster to our tourism growth in Singapore.

Camera & extra battery. Checked .

Tickets. Checked .
Myself & husband. Checked .

Let's go!!!

Bad doggie peeing on my face... Boohooo....

Moonwalk babe... Michael Jackson wanna-be.

Mirror-ception... The many ME!

NOOOOOO!!!! I can't stand your weight!

I look cute here. Bahahahhah.... And I'm flexible. I wish I am in real life. Bwahahahahahh....

Well done! How did you do that?


Artistic me... Meh.... Like real!

My big baby a.k.a the husband. He gets even shorter in this case.

Great! I finally know how to manage under the gushing water...

Let's FIGHT!

Scratch it dude! It gets tougher as u go. 

Sit tight! I'm strong enough to hold your heavy weight! Boo...

Fun feeding!
*Obviously I hv a bad photographer who nv cue me to sit a little way up the bench! Booo...*

Hi PO! I'm gonna have your POOP ice cream yeah!


You are not going anywhere, your Highness!
What has becoming of him?
Caught by a kitty!
There are lots more artworks and the special effects by the talented R&D Team so for you to find out. I shall keep the rest as memories. Sweet.

Photography Tips for visitors

Just take note of the 'Photo Point' (pink/yellow icons) and 'Photo Pose' (blue icons) to have the best shots! Some artworks does not require flash so note on 'No Flash' icon/indicator. 

Oh man... Why they so nice and attentive to even such small details? Because this is a photography paradise. Heaven! So look out for these icons for best shots.

Our Experience

Had a fun experience at Alive Museum with the husband. Eye-opener for first timers like us who never been to such museum than usual ones. Didn't tell the husband what is this museum about and judging from his reaction, is rather cute. Cos he was a little blur when first step in, wondering what is this all about. And shortly he gets into the mood for all the 3D effects and so on. If I were to tell him before hand, I think not much fun. Great thing about new places is the surprise awaiting for your exploration.

And never once in my life I felt tired after photo shooting (other than taking bridal shots). Probably because is only the two of us. We take turns to shoot for one another. Pose and shoot. Lie down on the floor, jump on the so-called mini trampoline, dramatic expression, climb up and so on. Gonna get that feel and effect to make it realistic and for the best shots. Although I'm not the best photographer but at least not the worst. I handpicked photos the husband took and out of many, only some of me looks good. 

General Info

Ticket Prices at:

S$25 for Adult 13 years and above;
S$20 for Child 3-12 years; and
S$60 for 2 Adults + 1 Child (Package).

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily 
Last admission at 9pm

Alive Museum Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-372 Suntec City 
(Between Towers 3 & 4)
Nearest MRT station: The Promenade Station

Oh yes... They sell candies where you exit from the museum. The candies are from Made In Candy

Visit their website, or follow them on their Facebook page or Instagram for more updates and promotions.


From now till 30 Sep 2014, buy a full-priced ticket and 'Like' them on their Facebook page, redeem a Free Burger King Meal with your paid ticket that includes a choice of Fish'N Crisp or Chic'N Crisp, 1 small fries and coke. Find out more on their current promotions here.

Burger King and Kopitiam are just at the same stretch with the museum. No worries if you get hungry after your visit. I do encourage you to go for their current promo (above). Worth it!

Thank you and Alive Museum Singapore for the fun-filled night!