[Invite] Highlights of Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Singapore Blog Awards has been running annually since 2008 and have seen the best of Singapore's blogging scene.

This year 2014, three (3) new Followers' Choice Award were launched and the winners have been announced:

Credit: OMY.sg /SBA2014

Favourite Celebrity Instagram AccountAaron Yan 炎亚纶

Favourite Twitter InfluencerSpin or Bin Music

Favourite Youtube ChannelNinja Girls SG

Congratulations to the winners!!!  

More winners of other categories and I'm looking forward to Best Food Blog as I voted for Johorkaki

The ceremony was held at Scape, Level 2 The Ground Theatre. You actually can sense the vibrant of Scape. Flea markets can be found here, pretty chics and young chaps hanging out on weekends with friends, shops that sells very pretty and creative stuff and trendy clothes, accessories and more. Totally fit in the mood of this annual event by OMY.sg! Because it tells us about creativity, youthfulness, positive (and negative) influences through trending social media platforms which many can easily access. Young and Vibrant!

Here at the entrance of The Ground Theatre. I thought I was late but luckily I'm just there at the right time. Registration starts at 11am. VIPs and guests flowed in as time passes and I was standing outside, waiting to enter. Saw familiar faces like Daniel Ang of Daniel Food Diary and Tony of Johorkaki. That's the effect of social media platforms and I'm a superb Instagram addict so nothing can stop me from following humans who filled your feed with superb duper yummy food, or interesting stuff.

As we entered, was ushered to the photo booth with lots of props for you to use. Shamelessly, I have to say that this is my 1st time taking photos at photo booth because I can't smile or pose well. But I just do it. And bingo! I look weird. Wahahahah... whatever. The theme for this year award ceremony is Derby. So the props are so horse-inspired. Some other cute props too. 

Hi! This is absolutely for those pretty chic to take selfie or wefie or groupfie. Beauty or Fashion bloggers will love it. 

Guess what is this? Yup... Obviously is lucky draw sticker. Mine is Number 17. Although never win anything but today's experience has changed my mindset on blogging. More of my thoughts towards the end of this post.

What's in the goodie bag? Now I can take wefie with my friends with that monopod. So convenience to bring around, even for holidays. And that SD Memory Card Case. Marvellous. My SD cards are in a mess. Need some organising now.

Now, shall let photos to do the talking.

Advertisers' Choice Categories: 
Best Beauty Blog Top 3 Winners, sponsored by Panasonic

Best Cooking Blog Top 3 Winners, sponsored by Panasonic
Best Beauty BlogJessie's Passion in Life
Best Cooking Blog: The Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Dance performance

Editors'/Judges' Choice Categories

Best Food Blog Winner, Johorkaki

Best Lifestyle Blog Winner, Smith Leong in cute Unicorn costume

I'm nominee under these 2 categories so I'm was quite looking forward to who wins. My votes for Johorkaki didn't go to waste, although won't help much as he has lots of readers out there. Congrats Tony! As for Smith Leong, he was the centre of attraction during the event. So funny + sporting. Check this guy out on his blog or maybe the 2nd video I posted above. 

Group photos of winners, organisers, sponsors, judges and Minister
Best Family Blog: Mum in the making 
Best Photography Blog龟头部落 
Best Travel Blog: Allyoffduty
Best Fashion Blog: Shopping Queen's Haven
Best Individual Blog女飞侠
Best New BlogStories for the Adventurous Soul
Best Topical Blog: Seriously Man

Finally the hearty buffet after the award ceremony. Have a decent serving for myself from the spread. Happy tum tum. That's like my brunch. Wahahaha.... 

Lastly, the Best Dress Award walks away with $200 worth of vouchers. Guess who is in the most derby fashion? A little boy by the name of Xander Tay. Cute!

Thoughts of the day

I'm overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts after this event. Especially the speech delivered by Guest of Honour, Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Education. She mentioned about how food blogger, Johorkaki does his food reviews. 

Each individual has their very own taste bud. Some may like the food in one cafe but some may not be. I truly agree that a negative review on a cafe/restaurant can affect their business or reputation. So as food bloggers, we have our so-called 'duty of care' while we do reviews. That's why on earth, there is agree and disagree. I respect that. 

However, I still have this thought that what one review can do to the fate of a cafe/restaurant. And even if it does, I believe people have their own judgement rather than just reading/listening to one side of the story. And for good recommendations, of course people do try and judge themselves. And the responses may be different. The same goes to products and services.

For me, I'm still not up to mark to be so influential as I'm not those top bloggers/influencers out there. Anyway this is just my own thought. Never mind me.

But probably from now on, I shall do some changes in my writing style despite those thoughts. Because we are living on an ever-changing environment which needs us to change to adapt to the current needs. But then I will still remain true to myself, probably do it in another less damaging way yet differentiate myself from others. Great!

After this event, I shall be a better blogger, which is the reason I gave when I registered for this event. 1 year is long enough for me to do lots of changes. U just wait!

For more event photos, log on to Singapore Blog Awards website or their Facebook page. And OMY.sg Instagram account or search for hashtag #omySBA2014 now!

Thank you OMY.sg and SBA 2014 Team for the invite and I had a really wonderful time and a new learning experience! And congratulations once again to all winners!