Food Review | Seoul Yummy

Lesson 1

Hi there. I'm at Seoul Yummy, Marina Square for dinner on a Friday night. Glad that I went there before 7pm because after we are led to our seat, the crowd/queue started to form. Great. This shows how popular their Korean food is. I witnessed the queue at Bugis + and also heard about it from my friend. Their Army Stew. 

So before we travel to Korea probably next year (haven't book or decide when yet), we take this as our 1st proper lesson on Korean dining. And with that, I already have problem using their chopsticks. Thus I used their spoon instead to have my serving of food. Trying hard to get the hang of it (the chopsticks).

Their establishment definitely has this superb Korean feel. Those who been to Seoul would have know about this Locks of Love at N Seoul Tower. You get to see it here too (see below). At the Cashier counter. Also other parts of the restaurant.

Here is all the sides served up to us. Total of 6 and I finished up the kimchi and anchovies. Love! Now I love kimchi! I think (assume) that most Korean restaurants serve their customers with sides before main course comes right? Correct me if I'm wrong okay? Noob me.

Complete the meal with a glass of Ice Lemon Tea with Aiyu (愛玉) Jelly for an additional $1.90 only! Sour and sweet. Effective cooling effect on hot weather.

Our appetizer pick: Fried Kimchi Dumplings. It is like Japanese gyoza but with mild taste of kimchi. The dumpling shape is like Tortellini (a type of pasta). Everything is so Gyoza feel including the fillings inside. Anyway, no WOW factor but I don't mind having it, probably the next next time.

Here comes my Army's Stew with Spicy Octopus and Assorted Seafood (see below). The pot contains superb lots of ingredients for 2 pax. 

Squids, Octopus, Carrots, Mussels, Clams, Baked Beans, Luncheon Meat (or Spam), Tofu, Prawns, Hotdogs, Veggie, Noodles (gonna do a review soon) and so on.

Mixed well all the ingredients. Appropriate spicy level. Because of the ingredients, you get a mix of 3 taste: Salty, Spicy and Sweet (3S). The ingredients has contributed + enhanced the already yummylicious soup base.

By having that pot is enough to fill us up. Enjoy the short pictorial snippets and see how we finish that pot of yummy Army Stew.

You know my love for noodles. Having noodles in that thicken soup base is superb duper shiok! Especially if you have those super absorbent noodles that suck up the soup taste easily. That hits the right spot! *Slurp slurp* 

And I think this is how they have Army Stew. The soup base just get thicken up and slowly dries up to rock bottom. Just nice. Most of the ingredients are in our tum tum.

Dessert pick: 2 scoops of ice cream (Matcha & Cookies and Cream) because the hub doesn't like too sweet stuff. Nice combi. He started to love Matcha ice cream. Finally. Hub taught me to have both the flavours at 1 go. Yes... enjoy the best of both world.

So end of our lesson 1. Good experience. Love to visit again with friends. Or probably we can do a home-cooked Army Stew with the hub on weekends. I love Army Stew! Look forward to a Lesson 2 with the hub to prep for our Korea trip, soon.

Seoul Yummy
6 Raffles Boulevard, 
Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Nearest MRT: City Hall

Reservation Number: +65 6337 3730

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 11.30am – 10pm. 

Friday, Saturday, eve of PH and PH 11.30am – 10.30pm.

Check out their website here or Facebook page.