My Virgin Training Shoot - Birthday Party

Okay... I have not been blogging for quite awhile and I'm not sure what exactly I'm busy. But one thing for sure, my mind is all about assignments. Damn it! And that is dragging me. I wanna do food review but damn lazy. Anyway, it is not gonna earn me any big bucks so why care? 

Alright. Since I have e photos on hand, I shall blog about my first training shoot at my guy's niece and nephew birthday bash. The location is at Blue Horizon Condominium, like is always there. Been there like once a year just for the kiddos birthday bash. This time round, the sister (my guy's) invited a lot of people so food preparation and all sort of stuff make everyone in the house busy like hell (except me and my guy). I volunteer to b photographer for the day but very unprofessional because blardy shit, I forget to bring extra battery. Arrghh... So never manage to shoot the last part a lot which is cake cutting. Sighz... But nevertheless, is a good try.

So let me start like now. First a few shots of Blue Horizon Condominium.

Okay let's start with the party. The stars of the night. The siblings that always scream (both), quarrel (both), snatch toys (both), cry (the boy) and so on at home that drives their uncle crazy. Plus me when I'm there over the weekends. But when they take pictures together, very harmonious.

The candy aka dessert corner that their Mummy setup for lots more kiddos later on.

Next, with the grannies.

Next is the food preparation on the spot. Yup my guy is the BBQ man of the day, apart from two maids who went busying getting the food for him, cutting, washing and etc. I thank God that my job is the easiest. Just snap!

This is no kidding. Brought the air-fryer from home just for this spring roll, samosa and curry puff. Actually at home had do the frying with oil but just using the air-fryer to heat up? Yes heat up. Add to the crispiness. Mistral brand of air-frying is rather slower than the Philips. So I reckon that I will buy Philips. And my guy's mum is so into the samosa. Keep asking for more. Need to restrict her a little because of her health.

Neh... He stood there for hours and his whole body is smell of BBQ. Very nice!!! And he did a good job for the BBQ chicken. Well-cooked from inside to the outside. 

This is the end product. Superb nice. Marinated at home the previous night. Tender meat. Plus my guy's BBQ skill. Why I so lucky to get someone who knows how to cook better than me? He is my shifu in cooking other than my mum. Oh ya... Haven't been updating my Cooking Diary post. Okay shall do it when I'm done with all the shitty assignments.

More of BBQ food.

Lots and lots of sausages. I think as a photographer, your job is to snap and snap. Never get the chance to eat. But I did had some. Very little. But most importantly, I get to have my favourite sausages. I love it.

And not forgetting cooked food. There is curry chicken, ketupat, satay, 2 trays of beehoon, french loaf for curry and etc.

And now is the kiddos scene. 

Earlier on, he was alone eating away that bread. So shy to take photo with his grandma. But handsome boy. He follows his dad while the sister follows mummy. Okay don't be deceived by his cute and handsome look. A cry baby!!!! I always say him a cry-baby and he will give me that one kind of look or shout out loud NO!!! Unlike the sister who will talk to you properly. Maybe because she is eldest. Anyway both are cute. Just a little noisy from this naughty boy. 4 years old already!!!! Please be a good boy ok? Don't always cry or scream for things okay?? Then I buy you toys and chocolates.

The sister inherits the mummy's vainpot. Wahahahaha.... But anyway, who won't want to dress up their daughter nice nice pretty pretty right? She got lots of poses. And sometimes a smile that shows her full set of teeth. Wide smile lah. Good right? Haiz... Unlike me who don't know how to smile and have superb duper ugly smile from all angles. Hate it! Unless I camwhore myself, if not people take for me sure ugly. Anyway she will grow up pretty for sure. 100% chop guarantee. 

Oh my god!!!! This little boy is so adorable. Very young. Look at his tummy. Round round one. So cute!!! And the chubby cheeks... He is stacking those mini tub of chocolate biscuits. I mean playing away. A great explorer. Open and close the drawers. Taking things in and out. His mummy is also another pretty woman. She was looking at her son, wary of what he is doing and sort of worry he will hurt the hands. Yup right hand bandage. What happen? But he is still happily playing away. Can't stand him. So cute chubby boy.

As usual the kiddos are always fascinated with balloons. 

When it is dinner time, everyone gather at the food table.

Last but not least, the few photos of their cake cutting before my battery die on me.

Very innovative cake. Two themes in one. Don't need go looking for 2 cakes. Unable to finish okay?

Happy Birthday you two!!!! All your wishes will come true. Yup I know what you all want. Tonnes of toys.

So that's the end of my shoot. Looking forward to Friday date with my ladies. Okay that's another training shoot. 'Ladies TGIF' theme. Stay tune.