Are you HUNGRY?

And yes... we are in the month of August 2013. New month new hope right? It is gonna be another new challenge from +OpenRice Singapore again!

As you know, the Gourmet Challenge is finally over (ended from 31 July 2013, so remember to redeem the prizes by 6 August 2013). It has been running since March 2013. I kind of forgotten when I join Openrice. But anyway I had lots of fun in food reviews and redeem prizes that I like with my monthly number of reviews. 

Now it is gonna b a new challenge from them. Something that is similar to Gourmet Challenge. The prizes in Gourmet Challenge are redeem based on the number of reviews you have on that month and a minimum of 15 reviews to redeem a small gift like Starbucks or Coffee Bean Card or Kopitiam Card.

But this time round, you redeem using your Openrice EXP points in total for that month!!! Did I read correctly? I think that is what I have understood from. And also you can redeem many prizes so long as you have sufficient EXP points.

Let me present to you.....

Wow... It is going to run for the next 4 months!!! Food bloggers or foodies people out there!!!! What are you waiting for???? It is so easy. All you need is to eat and review. But remember to snap a photo. That will help you in getting more EXP points. To find out more, check out this link and you will be on your way to prizes prizes and prizes...

Want to see what prizes or not?

Just take a look. The minimum EXP points you need is 1500. Okay let me calculate for you. If you review with a photo which will be 80 EXP, so with 1500 EXP, you need to do about 19 reviews. Rough guide. So join Openrice Singapore now and then you just need to 'EAT, SNAP, REVIEW'!!!

There are other contests which you can find at their website under 'Contests'. I'm more interested in their contests because you can win dining vouchers from their featured restaurants. But depends on luck! My luck is not here yet after I won Pho Stop voucher. But I won Ippudo limited edition merchandises!!! Okay let me go patronize Ippudo and one shot do a review + a preview of the merchandises!!!

Thank you Openrice Singapore for having such platform for me to improve in my food reviewing. Throughout the Gourmet Challenge, I learnt a lot. Freaking a lot. And I love all the prizes that I have redeemed. Superb useful ones. 

So everyone, from now 1 August 2013 to 31 December 2013, do not miss THE HUNGRY GAMES!!!

Check out their FB page:
Or Instagram: @openricesg
Or Twitter: @OpenRice_Sg

(Image Credits: OpenRice Singapore)