Invisalign Journey

Finally I have made up my mind to do some thing to my teeth. Instead of those metallic braces my friends have all done, I opt for Invisalign which is invisible type and at least I don't need to look further weird with my smile next year when I'm set for wedding shoots. That's my concern, although is sort of inconvenience. You can't have beautiful smile with that metallic braces on your teeth right? Ya maybe shoot from far can't really see clearly but how about close up? You can't asking the photographer to take distance shots or photoshop it for the sake right? It is all about nice pretty photos!!!! I want INVISALIGN and that is final!

Umm.. I wonder how the dentist feels when he/she sees my horrendous teeth. Yucky! Front teeth 2 of them overlapping on 1 and yellowish. Wahahahahah... I feel disgusted myself too. Sorry for the description made. 

My purpose of doing it is I find that my teeth are pertruding (you can see sideway of me) and I think is ugly. I want something that can help pushes it inwards to look nicer. Okay okay!!! I just find that I don't have a beautiful smile. All the photos that captures me have those farking weird smile from me and is damn ugly. This has been haunting me for years and I hate it. Even though now I am having some financial commitments towards my new house, but I'm still thinking about this till now. I just can't get over with it.

That's why I decided to give it a try. Going for the complimentary consultation next Friday at Orchard Scotts Dental (OSD). I'm taking that x-ray at a cost of $100 which I don't care because I'm quite determined this time. I hope it won't hurt my pocket too much.

Initially I email to Dental on the Bay to find out more on the pricing and etc. After that I email again to OSD which seems much cheaper. So I decided on OSD. And that is where some famous SG bloggers went for their sponsored Invisalign. I am keeping my fingers crossed as to not having sub-standard service for norm patients versus sponsored bloggers. Guess until next Friday, I will decide if the Invisalign journey of mine will start or not. Right now is just blabbering from me.

So if I decided to start my Invisalign journey, I shall update again from the start till I'm done. The progress in improving my smile.