A Bread Parade

And yes... Breadtalk celebrates their 13th birthday and they had this promotion which you buy 10 buns for only $10!!! Or 1 piece at $1.10. Every single buns in their store. And sad to say, I bought 10 buns only on their last day of this promotion which is yesterday (31 July 2013). Anyway it is a great enjoyment once a while having their buns. It is either I find it expensive (just like Swee Heng) or I got no mood for buns. 

Anyway, I enjoy 2 buns this morning for breakfast. Superb nice. The rest I leave it for my family to enjoy. Meanwhile here is 11 photos of my buns purchase yesterday. Why 11? Find out when we reach that point. 

Taken with my Canon EOS 650D

And... ta-da.... After buying 10 buns, is still not enough. Free one more. Total I have 11 buns!!!

Well done! This week my family is superb enjoying the nice buns from Breadtalk. Guess what? The nearest outlet from my workplace probably at Clementi Mall but there is always so crowded and having this promo will add on to the traffic flow. So I went purposely to Holland Village outlet. Hee... Not much of people though I see ppl buying lah. Superb shiok.

Happy Birthday BreadTalk. Your buns are very nice and my parents love it!