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I'm back for more food reviews. But first just let me do this review on Dian Xiao Er. Although is not the first time I'm patronising their restaurant but maybe I should give them some publicity here in my own blogsphere. Ya lah... Nobody give a damn about my review because there are lots of popular food blogger out there already whom might have already give good review about them. So what???? My space, I pay for my food so I do whatever I want!

Dian Xiao Er is a place that I have already listed in my family gathering venue because of their good food. And I believe that elder ones will like Chinese cuisine more than others due to their brought-up in the 1940s-1960s or even earlier than that. Yes I came here not only with my boyfriend but with friends and family too. It is probably quite a family-friendly place. At least to me. Their service is good. The service staff leads you to your table and caution you when there is stairs where lightings are dimmed. And if you are carrying bags, they will pull another chair for you to put your bags rather on the floor. I must say that this part of their service is good. And the waiting time for our food is also good. Not more than 15 minutes, as I have realised. And as a patron, if they serve up a dish that actually needs to be accompanied with rice, automatically the rice is served altogether. Why do I say that? Because I encounter myself some stupid restaurants which served up vegetables, meat dishes and the rice come way later when almost all the dishes are up and we have to ask for it before they serve up. Terrible right? I don't like it. This is not some well-trained staff. Please don't come telling me that the restaurant is crowded and staff are busy. Sometimes is not as if your restaurant is that popular to neglect your priority and that is SERVICE!

But luckily at Dian Xiao Er, it is awesome. The service at +Dian Xiao Er (Singapore) has never failed me at all and that is why I'm back again. I think I have patronised them for countless times since I first know of them. Love it.

Okay basically I have done my review at +OpenRice Singapore but more details of their service and my thoughts of them are on my blog.

I visited their outlets at Marina Square, Jurong Point and Vivo City on several occasions for meals. And just yesterday, I went Vivo City outlet for dinner.

A short summary as follows:

Ten Wonder Duck 十全烤鸭 - Recommended

They actually have other ducks that is prepared with different ingredients or maybe different methods of cooking but we got hooked with Ten Wonder Duck since the first time when their service staff recommended to us. First the duck meat is tender and a little chewy. And you must really have the sauce underneath to drizzle on your bowl of rice. It is awesome. This way really enhance your appetite. The sauce is not very salty but the herbal taste is just right. Not too strong which sometimes you will resist it. Also dip the duck meat with the sauce too. With every bite, you can feel the sauce bursting from the meat. That shows the meat absorb the sauce real fast. For healthy eating, maybe you can don't take the duck skin. I find it a little fatty but you can have it as a whole if you can find a thinner piece of duck skin.

Golden Tofu 黄金豆腐 - Recommended

Why do I love this is because of the crispy skin on the outside and the tasty fillings on the inside. You may think it is just a normal fried tofu that is bland but this isn't at all. I can taste a mix of fish and tofu in it. I guess that's what makes it so nice, tasty and soft. But the sauce on that day is quite salty. And I guess is because of ingredients price up, the broccoli were given lesser than before. But nevertheless, it doesn't stop me from having it. The taste has win my heart.

Prawn Ball with Mayo 生汁明虾球 - Recommended

Because of my love for prawns and especially fried ones, so that is the reason I recommended this even if there are other choices of prawns available. The prawn balls are so crispy and the prawns are fresh too. I must say that I have a thing for prawns and whether fresh or not, they can't escape my expert taste bud. But I do hope that the mayo can be lesser or maybe put it in a sauce plate and if the customers want to dip with it, they can do so or vice versa. Actually I do want to taste the prawn balls without the mayo. I can confirm it will be very nice. Anyway, it depends on individual preference. After all, both versions are okay for me.

Baby Kai Lan 小芥兰

I have got not much to comment for this because we want to balance up our meal with a plate of vegetables. But one thing is that the vegetables are confirmed fresh as it is crunchy with a twist of lime to enhance the taste slightly.

Not forgetting, they have Healthier Choice logo on some dishes so keep a lookout if you wanna have a healthy meal. I think some dishes in Tofu and Vegetable category have the logo. That is very obvious for all of us under the Food Pyramid. Order a bowl of rice or try their fried rice menu which is delicious too. I tried that before.

Okay. Let me tell you what I have tried before previously.

Seafood Fried Rice with XO Sauce
Silver Cod Fish in Superior Soy Sauce
Dong Po Pork

I can't seems to remember what I have tried before but those in the photos and what I have just mentioned are some of them.

If you want to find out more, visit their website here or their Facebook Page

Or you can visit their Vivocity outlet:

1 HarbourFront Walk, 
#02-137/8, VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Telephone: 6376 9786
MRT Station: Harbourfront 

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri 
11.30am - 3.30pm (last order 3.00pm) 
5.30pm - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm) 
Weekend and Public Holiday 
11.30am - 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Thank you for reading.