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I know nothing about Nanoblock till my bro asked me to buy one from Taiwan, days before I fly off during 2013 Lunar New Year. 

My understanding is: A mini size Lego. 

So he showed me many different sets of nanoblock and the one and only for Taiwan is Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. So he said must buy. So I actually got two. Lol. 

After building it, so nice man. So I asked him go buy others that are available in Singapore and now so addicted to it. 

Nice or not??? My favourite country and this place I have been for so many times because I always go there with people who never been there before except for my first time there. My mum also superb like this one.

Yes... the subsequent one. Japan series although I haven been to this place yet. I mean I been to Japan but not this place lah... Japan so big. But I would love to visit one day, the real one.

Yeah... I superb love Japan so I asked my bro buy this... Hahahaha... Not cheap also lor. So the next one I buy. This Kaminarimon I also wonder if I been there before. V familiar. Is it at Asakusa? If it is, then I went there le. Superb nice lor at Asakusa. Must go if you visit Japan.

Okay this one confirmed I went. Where got people go Japan never visit this Tokyo Tower? My 2nd day in Japan I went lor. Superb nice. Why can so nice one???? See the price. I bought is at $27.90. The rest I think also about this price range or maybe $25.90. But worth it. Now problem is, I can't find a display casing that suits this. Those I bought for the rest from Daiso and now this Daiso never sell the size. I got one more need casing. That means total of 2 models need display casing. Superb angry!!!!

Last one for the moment. From Germany. I have 3 Japan, 1 Taiwan and now Germany. Nice right this castle? We choose those nice models and I am going to complete my Japan series first. 

My bro said that maybe upcoming got Sydney Opera House. OMG!!! Is beautiful man. I look forward to that. What else do I look forward to? More of Taiwan please. Maybe Tamshui Fisherman Wharf. Too many to think of. 

I think my mum will be screaming at us because too many of these and to her is a waste of money. Hey... Nice one lei. Not anyhow buy one. Ya... thanks to my bro. Now I am so into this Nanoblock.

I heard there are many others like animals, pianos (I want!), cartoon characters (Rilakkuma I want!) and many more. Bit by bit, I shall build up the Nanoblock empire at home. Maybe some can shift over to my new house in future. Depends. Hahahahahh....

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See ya.