Damn it. I keep wondering what is Associate Professor because the weirdo is one. But to me, the first thought was not a Professor but lower than that. Yes... I confirmed that after I google it. Ya... kind of stupid after working for 7 months here then I want to find out. Is never too late. Would u rather I find out after I leave this place? No right? No brainer lor.

Okay so it says that the lowest level of Professor is Assistant Professor. An entry level faculty position. You need just a Doctoral degree or some may even take u with a Masters. They have no tenure plus waiting for promotion to Associate Professor.

And yes... I believe the weirdo begins his career from there or maybe from Teaching Assistant. I don't care. But now he is a Associate Professor so just a brief knowledge on that.

So according to the facts, Associate Professor is the second level with Ph.D. They have tenure and more administrative responsibility. Remember that okay? Cos I'm going to blast out later on. So Assistant Professors are eligible for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor after 5-6 years. Congrats on that. Who don't like promotion with big money??? So for Associate Professor, they either will promote to a full Professor or forever Associate Professor. 

Then I don't need to explain about Professors, highest of the rest. 

So the weirdo I'm working for is Associate Professor.  He teaches one core module and the rest of the time, he takes up a bigger task: bridging course. You see he wants to take up this bigger task and he still complains. And he has been doing it for many years. Still complain! What the hell is this??? Like I mention before, his favourite quote 'My job is to teach and not doing all these admin work'. Yes... U hire me to assist you on your bigger task aka admin work. I superb appreciate that even though I will still remember on my interview day, HOW YOU BLOODY DISCRIMINATE ME BECAUSE I AM STILL STUDYING FOR MY DEGREE AT THE AGE OF 31!!!!  Hey Mr. What is wrong with studying at my age? Is better than never study right? And for your info, sometimes I bloody envy those entrepreneurs who doesn't have a proper qualification but earning big bucks. 

As for the weirdo, his great passion is teaching so he is gonna stuck in this passion till the day he dies.

Seriously he is. He can't step out of his current job and company. He will 'die' instantly outside. He can't survive. Because he got no EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT aka EQ. Got IQ only for what? Imbalance right? I can tell from his attitude. He cares for those students like his own kids more than his own real kids. He has two daughters. And I can't imagine how his wife can tolerate him. Well... maybe the wife have the same frequency as him. 

Another thing is, I'm sort of a green person and I can't tolerate him printing papers for the student unnecessary. Some can reuse because end of the day, the students will throw away because is USELESS! So those papers that he wasted printing out, I reuse it for writing down messages and even during my exam preparation, I bring back home to use it for writing notes. By the way those waste papers are not P&C stuff so is okay. He even scold me for printing DOUBLE-SIDED! Superb angry!!! He is totally inflexible. Totally! If there is ever a law that says we can report those people who abuse the use of papers or whatever things that will damage the environment and add on to global warming, I WILL BE THE FIRST TO REPORT THE WEIRDO!  I will bear that in mind. I cannot stand it and I cannot tolerate it too.

Many ask then why am I still working for him. My answer is very simple. My undergraduate program will end in Dec 2013, if nothing goes wrong and I don't wan to affect my studies while searching for jobs and this add on to my anxiety. So I will bear with it. Another thing is, I know I'm not gonna learn anything good from my job here right now so then be it. What I have learn from here is that I DON'T LIKE SECRETARY JOB AND IS NOT FOR ME!  I finally know that I need to work with lots of people and busy work schedule is something more challenging for me because I feel the sense of achievement or accomplishment upon completing it. Now I don't feel a freaking sense of achievement or whatever bullshit thingy. I feel more like an idiot and fool now. And I told myself I will not do extras. I will do whatever I'm told to do and nothing else. Yes... in my resume, I still get to write my scope of work here and is rather stupid as compared with my previous job because is nothing! Many said that I'm having a good life here because do little things and still get the salary. So what? U know how hard my time is passed during working hours and is terrible when there is no music allowed because the room is only me and the weirdo. He said that to me okay? I was like fine. What kind of music I hear in the room? His own weird humming of noises lor. FUCK MY LIFE! To me, it is so weird and pervert. 

I think if everything goes well, after I leave this job I will be happier than ever but I scare I have post-symptoms from working here. Weird attitudes. Waste papers. OMG!!!

Well... I think that's about it. My life in misery 2013. Looking forward to the end of it. Good luck Stella. 

Disclaimer: All the above belongs to my own personal opinions and I don't care if it hurts anyone out there. You can choose between read or don't read.