32 and I'm lovin it!

Yes... Is finally after my examination for this semester and luckily this year, I am able to celebrate my birthday in proper because last year I'm having examinations and no mood for celebration.

Well... after my last paper, I had a pre-birthday dinner with my family at coffeeshop. We are down-to-earth family and there is no need for expensive dinner so long as we can have more time together, sit down chit chat over the dinner table and etc.

So this coffeeshop we usually frequent on special occasions especially birthdays is near our house, walking distance, Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant. Change owner before. I feel that the standard sort of drop a little and is pricey now. A takeaway for noodles or rice now got to be SGD6 but last time at least SGD4 or 5 which we can choose but now must SGD6 at least. What the hell!  But humans are like that. Despite that we still patronise. Haiz...

And our orders are usually standard ones. Sweet and sour pork + hotplate toufu. Sometimes salad youtiao which is my favourite. This time round, no changes too.

Yes... my mum and I was thinking of having a pot of tea to share and it used to have but right now, no more. SUPERB LOUSY COFFEESHOP. So had this instead despite my first day of menses. Very lucky me indeed.

Ta-da... Eggy Hor fun... Nice hor. Please don't ever be ignorance and find this disgusting. This is hor fun (of course), prawns, meat, vegetables, egg and squid. Peeps from overseas, must try when u visit Singapore. 

Nom-nom... Sweet and sour pork. Not the signature dish here but is our favourite. How to miss it whenever we come here! The other one is fried prawn balls. That is signature and is featured on tv. So we order that instead of salad youtiao. Not too much fried stuff because my mum is coughing away.

Close up... Delicious right? The fried prawn balls dip with sweet sauce. My mum says so but I never. I like to taste food as their original. True right? At least you must taste their originality before deciding whether to dip or not the sauce. Hahaha my logic.

So after dinner we head home. My bro went JCube and bought back a small cake. 

Look nice from top right. I think is from those shophouse bakery. Standard one. We don't go to the extend of buying expensive one. Because is the heart that counts. Hmm... I think I will try buying a slightly expensive one on my mum's birthday. 

Yup... Cake cutting time. Make one wish and blow... Wahahhaha... My first birthday cake for this year. Ya I know is just one but is enough. Loved ones to celebrate for you is priceless. My guy will celebrate for me on Friday though mine actual is Saturday. Because Saturday is usually crowded and he hates crowded places but no choice have to follow because I like.

I asked my mum to take for me using my phone. Arrghh... A little blur plus how come so bright??? Very funny... So a second one.

Again is blur. Ahhh... forget it. Better than nothing. At least she knows how to use a camera phone to take photos. I was wondering if I should get her one smartphone. But I scare she drops it into toilet bowl or lose it. Is terrible ok? 

And so this is 3 days before my actual birthday. That's me at 31+++ going to 32. Yeah!!! I love to be in my 30s and I am not dismissing that. 

Then my mum gave me an ang bao and my bro bought me Nanoblock. OMG!!! I forget to do a post on Nanoblock. Ok ok... Coming soon.

And then I think last Sat or Sun, I bought myself a even better present from IMM. Okay for your info, IMM is now like a factory outlet. Coach is one of them. OMG!!!

Ta-da... Retail price at $270 and I have got 36% discount. What is this??? OMG... I am that sort who go for cheap and only those brands like Agnes B, Coach, Longchamp. Not very expensive and below $300 is my limit. Ok... Only if I save up more to buy something above that. But for now, I am a cheapo brand siao. Wahahahahah... 

So that's my pre-birthday celebration with family. And I look forward to my dinner with my guy. He is that sort of person who doesn't like to plan so mostly on birthdays or anniversaries, he will just ask where I wan to go and he just abide to it. Arrghh... But this year, like finally he is suggesting going somewhere else for dinner. Wahahahah... Strike lottery this time. So surprise! Ok I will just follow because is rare that he picks a place to bring me. I love him so much despite this 5 years of bickering, quarreling and etc. 

Stay tune for more regular posts from yours truly.