Examination is FINALLY OVER

I'm back. After weeks of preparation for my final exam this semester, it is finally over today.

So glad. Though I didn't put in 100% effort for the preparation, but I think at least 50%.

And I realise my memory power is not that bad, though not 100% perfect.

I am a live example of 80% hardworking lady but not working smart. So everytime during examination period, the suffering ought to have. Because all I depend is by memorising. Not flexible at all. So not studying smart right? The understanding is way inside me which doesn't want to come out during my exam and only when I'm calm and peace, then it pops out of no where. How can?????

Now I just hope all the 3 modules passed and I'm left with last 3 modules to due for graduation. I am looking forward to the convocation ceremony next year Aug. So I die die this year must get through all the modules. No distinction on my degree is okay so long I get it with all passes and proceed on with my life with it. Logical right?

Anyway, I'm just looking forward to tonight's dinner with my family for a pre-celebration of my birthday which is this Sat, 27 April. Okay. This week, I also have two cousins birthday, one on 23rd and the other 26th and mine the following. Not bad right? All April babies cum Taurus. Stubborn.

Well... celebration aside. Tomorrow is back to work. See how that weirdo gonna torture me with the works he kept to wait for me come back do. He is farking inflexible. He has no EMOTION QUOTIENT aka EQ!!! Got IQ but NO EQ! I hate him. I guess he is the 2nd boss that I ever will hate in my life. First one is years ago and I'm not gonna mention it. But this current one is farking asshole cum idiot cum bastard!!! His fav quote is 'My job is to teach, not doing all these admin work.' I hate it whenever he says that. I use the word HATE because I really HATE him. At least others I still can use DISLIKE but not to the extend HATE. Arrghhh..... Cool down. Never mind. Tomorrow he throw what, I do what. But don't one shot too much. If not I will SHOUT BACK AT HIM WITHOUT GIVING A THOUGHT THAT HE IS A PROFESSOR!!!

Nah... But I got a very good tolerance level. I will bear with it and not shout out. Don't know why. But at least I know I'm not afraid of losing this job. Anyway I will leave once my new house is ready. So I don't really care. Working here is just working for the sake of working. Because is near my home and school. I don't see I can progress in here. I got no intention to learn anything here cos NOTHING FOR ME TO LEARN EXCEPT LEARNING THAT I'M WORKING WITH A WEIRDO PROFESSOR!

Chill... I'm going for my dinner. I'm back full strength for at least these 2 months on blogging and stuff.

Stay tune!