My 32 years

Yes.... I lived in this world for 32 years and counting. Gonna thank my parents for bringing me to this world even though I have been rebellious but now, I have been good and real good. Always be good to your loved ones when they are around. I am speeding up this process because you never know what will happen next.

So I have shared in my previous post on my pre-birthday celebration with my family and you can find it in this link on '32 and I'm lovin it'. Now the last post on my birthday with my guy and his family. Yup... as age catches up, no more partying to celebrate this day. My idea is just with my loved ones or if with frens, will be chilling out in cafes or doing spa and such. No more drinking!!! So uncool. Okay okay... let me share my happiest day of the year, my birthday!

After 2 weeks of examination preparation, finally met up my guy to celebrate my birthday. A pre-birthday dinner because my guy dislikes crowds and my birthday falls on Saturday so bring forward a day.

Initially he wanted to bring me to The Grandstand (formerly the Turf Club) for seafood dinner but as we met up in the evening, is peak hour traffic jam so since he picked me up from my workplace, we went IMM instead. I suggested Long Beach Seafood Restaurant since we wanted to have crabs and also buy my birthday present. Woohoo.... I am so loved and happy!!!!

We went Best Denki to buy my pick first before heading for dinner.

I have done my comparison in their website and decided on this and even my ex-colleague said is good. Well why not? I wanted it so badly and so many times wanted to buy before my birthday but I bear with it till like finally, now eve of my birthday. But worth it okay? The price dropped about SGD150. Happy deal! Plus lots of free gifts. Apart for those free gifts mentioned in Canon's website, Best Denki gave me a tripod, dry cabinet and etc. Good right? Is worth a million. After buying, we entitled to lucky draw. Was given 7 lucky draw tickets to fill up. Trip to Korea!!! Wow... Mi and my guy wanted to go like maybe next year. Hope we are one lucky couple. And heard my guy saying that the salesperson who spoke in Melayu with another colleague of his that he did not close any sales for the whole day until he met us and we are very easy and close sales damn fast like 5-10mins or even less. Hahahahhaha.... For your info, I did my research already so I am that fast. If not I stay there to kana persuade buy even more expensive one is it? No way! I'm clever this time. *applause*  Uncle, you really lucky and I'm glad I helped to close a sale for you. 

Happily, we put our purchase in my guy's vehicle first because so troublesome carrying around. Finally settle for our dinner at Long Beach. Ordered chilli crab, small size deer meat with ginger and live prawn fried rice. You can check out my Instagram for more of my photos. Not posting anymore photos on FB because it is so boring. 

Yes... I did my review on Openrice Singapore and this Deer meat with ginger is marvellous. The meat is tender and chewy. Have it together with the scallion further enhance the taste. Must try. 

This is chilli crab. Sri Lankan crab and the lady who take our order said that this is the season which the crabs have many crab eggs. And yes indeed. A lot of crab eggs. Didn't manage to take photos of it because busy having crabs. Nom-nom... The sauce is more like sweet and sour taste and not spicy. For me, I'm okay but not for my guy. And of cos the fried rice came last and didn't snap it too. But to tell the taste of the fried rice, it is bland though but good enough with the fresh prawns. We ordered 4 steamed bun aka Mantou to dip with the sauce, to end our meal. We can't finish the fried rice so we pack away for supper.

Walk around the mall. For your info, now IMM is a place for many factory outlets of different brands. You can find Coach, Cotton On, New Balance, Adidas and many more. I bought my Coach sling bag there too. *applause* There are many restaurants and eateries too. So visit there when time permits. 

Time to head back home, his home. I suddenly decided that I should put the free gifts in my house before heading to his house. So I went home, put the stuff and also unfinished fried rice for my family to eat. Oops... I'm not saying that I like to give leftovers for my family but they appreciate it a lot. My parents always taught us not to waste food. 

When we reached his house, I am too excited to unwrap my new baby. Fix up the lens and off I snap away. In his room. 

My guy was enjoying it himself too with the DSLR. Never did he enjoy it with my Canon digital cam. Arrghh... 

Next morning and is my birthday. He surprised me with this.

Thank you. He knows me well that I don't like flowers because it doesn't last long and I don't like fake ones too. So he bought me this. He bought me a big bouquet years back on my birthday too. It is still around. I kept it well, covered it from dust. This one is gonna be the same too.

And the last one will be his family bought a cake from Swee Heng for me. And the kids singing the birthday song in 3 languages for me. Hahahahah... English, Mandarin and Melayu. Best right?

Chocolate mousse cake. Not bad. I remember they buy for my guy's birthday last Dec too. Nice nice. Thank you very much.

Yup and that's my 32th birthday and I enhance it further by buying 2 pairs of legging pants from Uniqlo and is the best buy okay? $19.90 each is good buy must buy!

So to whoever's birthday that falls on the same day as me (27 Apr), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true. Thumbs up for April aka Taurus babies! I made one wish and a similar wish. It must and will come true.

K thank you for reading and bye!