Food Review | Hot Tomato + My Saturday Afternoon

On 25 Aug 2012, everything seems so beautiful a morning....

First of all... I thought I won't get salary for this month and will have to wait till mid of Sep because I serving my tender notice.  But checked this morning and yahoo... I got my salary!!!! Blessed! Will still continue to scrimp and save till settled down on my new job... probably Oct onwards.

Second, I gave a treat for my colleagues. 4 of them. Burger King!  Though I used the coupons gotten from letterbox, but I am just so happy to give them a treat. I feel good. Cos they are happy. Sharing happiness is just so good.  *Thumbs up*
Third, I finally settled with my first assignment and I am ready to submit. *crossed my fingers* Hope everything will be fine.  I will pass this assignment.
Fourth, I found my blog a new background. Thanks to!!!! I like e background!

Fifth, I am so happy that the lucky person who received the gift from my very first giveaway is using it.  Saw his blogpost.  Thank you for participating in my very first giveaway!!!  Sharing really make one feel good and happy.  Planning my 2nd giveaway. Stay tune!

Sixth, I am blessed with a good weather today! And I am able to swim after weeks.  And completed my 10 laps.  I simply love swimming but have to depend on my luck and good weather!  Thank you Mr Sunny!

Finally, I give a small treat to my guy... We headed to Causeway Point and had a late lunch at Hot Tomato.

The lady attending to us was nice. She told us to try out what they have first (mushroom soup of the day) as my guy actually wanted tomato soup which needed to add another $1.  Not pushy at all (but usually they won't even in other restaurants, I think).  So we took the set meal that comes with soup & garlic bread, drink and main course.  While waiting, I snap a few shots.
Nice concept.  To me, is simplicity. I realised the main colour used is white. Ya! Quite conducive. Choose the right time to come and you can avoid the crowd.  I was there at about 4pm.  Not like other restaurants which is so noisy with loud music and sometimes is quite unbearable because conversations is going on at every table.  Sometimes u may go along talking louder with the volume.  Anyway, passed!  Now is the food.

Here comes the Lobster Pasta. Eh... 2 pieces of lobster and the rest is pasta (linguine, my fav). Ordered for my guy.  I love it especially linguine. But maybe my guy is not a pasta person so he finds it oily.  That's the way it is. If not how will it tastes so nice... Yums. But the lobster sort of little. Alright you pay for the price. $13.90 so what can we expect?
So next is mine!!!! Norwegian Salmon with mango salsa. Eh... I need to brush up my appreciation of salmon.  Be it raw or cooked. Why am I finding it so-so? Haiz... But what attracts me again is the pasta, yet again. Yummy all pan-fried. Love it to the max. As usual, is oily again. $10.90

We will give it a try again cos there are some others which looks good but taste wise, gonna find out soon. Overall verdict, I like. Why? Cos of pasta!!!!  Total bill cost mi $37.45! 

If you peeps wanna try, head on down to Causeway Point #02-11 or check out their website for other outlets.  Do let me know how is it like for other main courses other than what I had. Cheers.

Wonderful Day!  I appreciate it!