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Well... After reading this article, I shall follow faithfully. It is really true that our teeth could affect the impression that others have for us.  Our smile.  To be frank, I am a lazy bum.  I brush my teeth once a day. *yucky*  I don't floss or rinse during the day.  Only that one and only time in the morning when I get up for work. Hahahaha... My set of teeth is not pearly white.  My guy who smokes for years has a rather set of pearly white teeth. *jealous*  He has his own way which follows him for years.  Very simple way of putting salt on your toothpaste and start brushing... I am stupid okay?  He taught mi for so long but I never did it ritually. Few times and that's it.  I guess the combi of salt and toothpaste contents have the purifying effect.  Do try it Peeps!  Or maybe some of u already know it.  But to see the results will take a real long time. Must have the perseverance. And those rush things like me. End up you will give up because u can't see the results instantly. So read on the article.  Can go to this link too http://sg.news.yahoo.com/photos/5-simple-tips-healthy-teeth-slideshow/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252F5-simple-tips-healthy-teeth-slideshow%252F-photo-2476122-160200655.html

5 Simple Tips for Healthy Teeth
Your teeth are one of the first few things a person immediately notices about you and therefore it is very important to keep them white and tidy so that your smile comes out natural and full of grace. Besides the physical appeal, clean teeth are a sign of good health and show that you like to take care of yourself. Today we are going to give you some well intentioned tips that will give you some insight on the nature of teeth and how to keep them healthy.


Brushing Twice a Day - Brushing your teeth twice a day is a time worn advice that dentists have always given their patients. The ideal time to brush your teeth is right after you wake up in the morning and right before going to bed. Force this grooming task into a habit and during the night brushing session, also use dental floss to reach areas that are difficult to get using a toothbrush.

Visiting the Dentist - All of us visit a physician at least once or twice each year for a number of reasons. We even have time for our cosmetologist and dietitian. The only person we do not go to regularly or often overlook is the dentist. Schedule an appointment every six months. Not only will your teeth be checked for cavities and decay but will also be cleansed using professional tools. This will greatly increase their longevity.

Food to Avoid and Not-to-Avoid - Food items that stain your teeth are to be avoided. These include tea, cola, coffee, berries, red grapes, wine, soy and other sauces. Obviously you cannot simply avoid these items forever in which case remember to use a straw while consuming such items. Brush your teeth as soon as possible afterwards. Also avoid acidic food since it tends to chip off enamel.

Consuming food such as apples and green vegetables at the end of a meal helps to scrape the teeth of residual particles and is very healthy in any case. Also do not forget to drink water right after finishing dinner.

Wearing the Correct Lipstick - This last bit of advice is 'mostly' for women. Women often wear makeup to enhance their features and teeth are no exception. The shade of lipstick you wear has a great impact on the appearance of your teeth. Red lipstick with blue undertones makes the teeth look bright however, orange and yellow undertones will make the teeth look yellowish.