Childhood Thingy

Who doesn't have childhood memories?  This is bullshit!  Well... I'm on a journey back to my childhood where I find back all those memories that I have.  First of all, the kiddy snacks that I have...

Wow... Basically all these are still available. I found them in Woodlands.  Actually I haven really search for these at my area...  But not much places have all these. Now where got kids fancy all these???  More ATAS (high class) stuff available now for the young generation.

Yes yes.... I bought this at a bakery. Still available. Cost me a $1. So colourful, don't you think? It is a thin piece of waffle kind biscuits... The taste is bland with tat bits of sweetness, maybe due to the colourings.

白糖糕 (or sugar cake, sorry for the direct translation).  Found it at Woodlands too.  I tried searching it at Jurong but not available.  I guess now not much people are doing this traditional cakes.  I straight away bought 2 slices.  Yummy... I love it!

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