Happiest Day!

Finally, I found a new job.  It takes mi lotsa courage to do that because I have to serve two months notice contractually.  *Sigh*  Not logical at all.  I'm not even at managerial post.  Damnit.  Anyway, I finally overcome the 'curse' of that two months notice.  I tendered my resignation before I found the job.  Why am I doing so is because employers won't wait for you!!!  Search quite a number of them and is either short notice or immediate. So depressing.  I thought I was going to miss lotsa chance in joining good companies. 

Luckily, my guy's sista helped me out.  Her friend's workplace is hiring.  And so thru her friend, I went interview and though I hope to get the job, but after that interview, it seems to me that I will never.  Because the interviewer was so terrible!  He asked me questions that I felt insulted!  *angry*  So after the interview, the first person I called was my guy.  I told him everything about what happen during the interview. He also can sense that the chance has flied away.  So comfort me by saying just slowly find others.  That day, I complained to all my friends!  And surprisingly, a friend told me that e more I loathe and dunwan this job, the more that job will come to you.  And then surprise!!!  I really got it.  After almost a month, they arranged for me to collect my employment letter and also medical checkup. That day, I took half a day leave to settle all these.  I even got bits of time to give myself a treat at Bakerzin, Vivo City. By myself. *clap clap*

I was so full.... Had their set lunch.  I even add on mushrooms... See how much I love mushrooms... Woohoo.... So sorry if I am wasting food as I simply can't finish it with a bloated stomach.  Hahahaha.... *Fat die me*  But most importantly, must be happy!!!!  Fat one day never mind.  Don't fat forever!  After that, I head for shopping before going back to office.  Went Daiso and bought this cute kitchen scale.

Right.  That ends my morning.  And is back to work.  How boring and scare it is to go back to that warfield office!!!  Anyway, counting down to my last day of service with them on 7 Sep!!!!