Wondering how I get myself this name? That was way back 80s - 90s when I was just a Primary school kid. Always calling myself lotsa names like May, June, Mary, Jenny, Jennifer and etc. Stella is one of them. And I am also not sure how did I landed with this name since then. Creepy. My memory on this part seems gone. What the heck! Anyway, I am Stella in the past and now. I wonder if it suits me or not because having this name, I gone thru shit before what I am now. Well... you guys out there will be saying, 'Who's never been thru shit?'  Ya... U're right! But why those actor/actress or even singer change their names? I mean mostly their Chinese character. For a better career path. That's what I know. Some other reasons may be for themselves or marriage or family or whatever it can be. Anyway, Stella is quite a common name. There is a beer naming after Stella which is Stella Artois and a fashion brand name, Stella McCartney. Hahaha...

So what is this Stella who is the author of this blog?

Well... I am a typical Chinese born in sunny island, Singapore. Local breed, mind you. And am currently a corporate slave, working office hours 8.30am to 5.45pm. A lady with lots of dreams unfulfilled but slowly making it come true. An ordinary lady with no but plain looks which no one will ever turn their heads to have a second look at it. Someone who doesn't make up at all unless on occasions like weddings or clubbing. Only a thin layer of moisturiser on my big face and that's it. Not even toner! Fat always and currently trying to reach my desired weight. Love swimming, gym-ing, rope skipping and running. So I am a two tan colour lady. Wahahahah... Studying in SIM for my degree at the moment. Praying hard that I can pass all my modules and graduate in 2 yrs time.

Well... Till now, is for you to find out more about me through my posts. Glad that there is still humans out there who reads my blog. Really appreciated. Muackz