Online Shopping Again

Oh well... Up to date, out of 7 items I have ordered, received only 4 items. 2 items still awaiting for shipment and yes, they said 14 days upon payment made then they will arrange for shipment and today is the 14th day. And the status is still under 'Preparing Shipment'. What the heck! Sighz... Guess what? One is missing. I wonder is it the postman keep it away. Damn it. Same item, I ordered 2 nos. and I thought it will come together but instead only 1 came and the other lost. Now I am claiming for refund. But I made other purchases yet again.

Swimwear which cost a total of $8.50!!!!

Samsung Galaxy W mobile cover for my brother, cost $15.86. Bought white and black.

Handmade earcap accessories at a total of $5.90!!!!!