Good Sunday Everyone

Well... Finally manage to get up in the morning at 7am with my guy, for a short morning run. Hahahaha.... I almost wanted to give up waking up.  But for the sake of our planned breakie at KFC, I just have to do it. And so, we went for a real slow run.

Not my personal best record but running beside him is good. His usual pain on the legs has made him run slower than his own personal timing. Actually ran a bit more than the record above. Just that this stupid GPS thingy is not working and can't sense any signal at all. And I have to switch off and on again. Kaoz.... And damn it. I never realise I set the wrong activity type. Biangz... Instead of running, I set to walking. And realise it only when we stop. Arrghhh.... Anyway, that's the thing. So we walk a 2km to KFC for our breakfast. Seldom have breakfast at fastfood restaurants. 

Is a real hearty breakfast. Love it. Though I never finish my waffles but I bring back the leftovers.

Tomorrow is yet another day at work. Boring... Shall do my stuff at my own pace. I am so reluctant to work. Really!  No motivation at my workplace. So sickening! I don't wish to be a corporate slave forever! No way.... I am gonna find a way out. Maybe in photography or culinary... In the midst of it now with practice cum training... Must stay tune!