Advance Mother's Day Treat

Alright... To avoid the crowd during the weekends, I decided to bring my mum out for a simple treat... Eh... maybe is just that over the weekends I will be at my guy's place, so I bring forward and my dad agree to it too... He hates crowd. *clap clap*  Wanted to bring them to the new shopping mall, JCube for a dim sum dinner but my dad said that it will be damn crowded cos is Fri and maybe there is some who are as clever as us. Well... We had our dinner at coffeeshop. Hmm... Real simple fare... 

Hee... There is seaweed soup, toufu, you-tiao, broccoli with scallop, yam ring.... For the whole of today, I had too much... By dinner, I am still full (even during lunch time, I am still feeling full). And this is what I left on my plate... Oops...
Now... I know I can share with my mum for rice. Half half. Chit chat over the dinner table, finishing almost everything.  Yup I mean almost. 

Bought a gift for my mum and my guy presented to my mum. As usual, everything I source. Den he pays for it. 
Anyway, my mum already said to him that she only gets to see during CNY and today. He told her he is busy. Crap! Lucky today I asked him along. Imagine I am the one seeing his family more than he sees my family. Well... He has to do something about it. If not, he gets it when he goes over to ask for my hand. Hahahahaha....

So that's my Mother's Day celebration for my mummy. Guess over the weekend is with his family. 

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