Indulgence Deprivation

Well... Some unhappiness at work has made me real demoralize. Big times! I am not sure why it happens but even if I'm in the wrong, I deem fit have the right to know and maybe apologise if it is really my fault. But nobody wants to tell me... So sick of it.

So I intend to do something. And that is an pre planned urgent leave next week. I know is bad but I really need it. I really want to make that day a wonderful treat for myself. Indulge in food, shopping, exploration etc. I'm going to do it on my own. So I shall call it a Loner's Wonderful Day Out. I am still in the midst of planning my day out and the only item that I have thought of was running. Yeah... First thing first in the morning is a good and quality run. Shall either be a 5km or 10km... depends whether I'm lazy or not. And after that, tentatively will be a haircut. And after that... no idea yet. But should be able to come out with a good one by Sunday. Need to choose a nice outfit for that day so that it makes me happy the whole day.

So for now, please do wait up for my post next week, Loner's Wonderful Day Out. Lotsa photos and my thoughts on that day. Stay tune.