New found goodie!

Alright... Working at Raffles Place is real costly. Cos there is always something that attract your attention, especially your wallet. And from there, you have to spend and spend... So my colleagues found this wonderful stuff. I have misplaced the brochure which states the benefits of this seaweed jelly. It is expensive so we share among colleagues which will be cheaper. One pack 4 cubes. 1 cube to 1200ml water was my initial try. I try out on Osmanthus flavour. It looks v watery but actually it has solidified. Strange right? Compare with those jelly we made, this is totally different. It is like the ice jelly we have at dessert stall. Nice. Not that sweet but not bland too. It blends in well with lime. My mum said we should buy those mixed cocktails and have it together. It took almost a day to get it fix. Maybe because I did it in the night time. Hahahah... Love it when it is chilled. Easy to swallow because it is still that watery. 

I shall find that brochure and let all you peeps to read about the benefits.  I do remember something on collagen. Hmm... Good! Up till now, I did the 2nd cube. Cant wait to try on Rock Sugar flavour.