Food Review | Din Tai Feng

I swear that this will be the last time I am going to Ding Tai Feng.  The food isn't good at all and I don't understand why there is always a long q.  Last evening just patronise the outlet in Sentosa. Gosh... As usual, is a thumbs down from my guy and I.

The dumpling soup. Is taste of the soup is nice. U know what? Just like any soup where u put lotsa MSG. But the dumplings are way lousy. The skin of dumplings is thick, which we don't like at all. To have a good dumplings or I should say a skillful person who did that, the thickness is just nice. Only thing I will agree is the prawns within is some how fresh. Springy. Now is the braised tofu. A very small portion (though it looks big in the photo) which is costly. But it suits our taste bud. With the minced meat on top and the sauce.

Steamed chive dumplings. As usual, thick dumpling skin and the strong taste of chive which we don't really like. Basically, is tasteless to us and we have to put soy sauce or the braised tofu sauce to get the taste out of it. Different individuals have different taste.  Maybe for me and my guy, ours are strong.  Next is the $11 fried rice. The rice tastes abit sticky (too much of water I guess) but still acceptable. But I would rather have a $4 Yang Chow Fried Rice at any hawker centres. It will taste better. Nothing special and yet costly. Only good thing again is the prawns.

The prawn paste chicken is nice. Ok... Oiliness is acceptable and it is still hot though we never have it immediately when served. Thumbs up! But last disappointing siew mai ends this post.  I wonder why those dishes like dumplings and siew mai are so disappointing. The skin texture and thickness is really lousy. It is always that thick. This is my 2nd time having my dinner at Ding Tai Feng and I thought changing to another outlet will bring some hopes of having something nice out of different chefs but it doesn't. To me, is not worth paying for the food there.  Somemore there is no Xiao Long Tang Bao at Sentosa outlet. Sigh...... My guy is quite disappointed because his main aim is to have that.  I think Crystal Jade is much better.