Student Stresssss

I'm just like the little cute doll. Panda eyes is getting more obvious as day passed. Assignments kept popping into my mind. Deadline is nearing. My last one before the deadline. Gosh... 2000 shitty words to write. And I rewrite over n over again. Can't even write up to 1000 words. Is not a relief for me if the word count is not reaching any time to 1700 words, I'm dead! I have already submitted the 2nd one for plagarism test and luckily it is just 1% and I find it stupid! Crap! Piece of SHIT indeed! Never in my life I had written such amount of words by myself.  And usually is group project. Too bad. We have to upgrade ourselves... N so I sort of anticipated this situation right now. Sigh.... Since the start of school, I couldn't sleep well and always slept late like 12mn or 1am.  Usually before the strike of 12mn, I should b sleeping soundly. Haiz... I just can't wait to finish up this assignment on HRM. And prepare myself for 1 group project and a final individual assignment. The final one is not so bad because only needed 1500words. But this will determine my overall results. Haiz... Stress.......
Even at work, my mind is still on my assignment. And I am doing my assignment during work time which I know I'm not suppose to but when really nothing urgent to do, I will fully use my time to brainstorm for ideas on how to write. I am someone who must write down because the next minute I will totally forget what I come out with. Sighh....... I must make full use of every minutes on my assignment till is done and submitted. I am so nervous about my grades for all these assignments. My wish is just a pass. N I will strive hard for my written exams. I sure take leaves for my exams. Stay at home n mug the books.... Arrghhhh..... Pray hard that all these assignments will pass. Please...............

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