Couple Run Again

Ya not exactly couple run but is the Safari Zoo Run 2012. Woohoo.... My guy is being forced to join this run with me, yet again after last year's Safra Army Half Marathon 2011. Hahahahah... That was his first ever paid run (yup, paid by me) and today is his 2nd ever despite he is sick actually. Plus leg pain. Anyway, was a good one. We joined the Fun Run as usual (like the one last year). 6km actually is killing him. But luckily we managed to complete a non stop 2km then subsequently, walk and run till the finishing point. His legs aching again. Especially his knee. Sigh... What is the reason? Too much of up slope. Down slope is still not so bad. But up slope is killing him. For me is a challenge. I usually run on straight road...... But today, is like never before. As we walk, he was saying that if want to train for this run, should go to Macritchie Reservoir. Why? Cos mainly terrains. Arrghh... I think I too comfort with my current running route and forgotten that there is still another kind of challenging routes ahead. Anyway... is inside the zoo. The route from Night Safari to Singapore Zoo. Saw lotsa ppl stopping to take photos of the animals which we passed by. Hahahah... Can't expect much. This is a fun run. But love it! Especially with him.

So I think for the moment, I will join other runs myself. He is so nagging. First of all, he is reluctant to join. Or should I say he doesn't want to join at all but because of me, no choice. Arrghh... I think I can run better results without him along. Black face early in the morning. Don't like that all. Arrghhhhhh..... My target for this year's Shape Run will be 25 minutes for 5km. Last year was my best personal timing. So this year I must improve by at least a 5 mins or better. But I set it at 5 mins. Trust me. I can do it! WOohoooo....

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