Q Q Stuffy

Let me show u those cute stuffs I've found whereva I go...

I come to know about this snacky during my class. A classmate bought this at 7-11. I find the packaging cute and looks like u are having a pack of juice or milk. Hahaha... And it's colourful. Not available at all 7-11, I guess. Only found it at the 3rd one which is at Raffles Place, the underground passageway towards One Marina Boulevard etc. Cost $2.30 per pack and I bought 2. Hahahah..... Is cheese flavour, not my favourite so I brought home for my mum.

Next will be the mini Tic Tac. I'm not so sure if there is anywhere but I found it at a provision shop. Call me a mountain tortoise if u saw this somewhere else. Hahahah... But is cute. I bought 3 flavours, cost me 40cents each. Got scolded by my guy for buying even when it is 40cents. But I'm not gonna have it but put it as display. Hahahahahha....

Next, Vitasoy. Is yet again during my class. My classmate has a spare Vitasoy so she gave it to me. Very Chinese New Year packaging. Can't help snap a shot of it. Hahahahah.... Especially the one 'Working Moments'. I should say is comical too. Are u in that mood too?

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