Food Review | Brotzeit + My Valentine's Day

Well... This year is kind of different for us. We bought each other an expensive gifts, not like other years which is just a dinner and all. Yup we still have dinner together, strolling to Sentosa. No flowers for me cos I don't like but if it is a bouquet of bears, I will accept. Cos that can keep for long... That's what I get in 2009 for my birthday from my guy. He knows what I want. So this year, he bought me my long awaited Samsung Galaxy SII. Hahahahah... In the end, I still choose SS than iPhone. Cos soon is gonna be Android world. And iPhone is way tooooo common. Everywhere is iPhoner. Nothing special. My SS GSII has bigger screen than iPhone....

So our dinner starts at Brotzeit @ VivoCity. Great. We underestimated the portion, yet again. Had it once at Raffles City with my ladies but that time was different cos there are 4 of us but now this round is just the 2 of us.... Gosh.... Shock of our life upon arrival of that Pork Knuckle. First look, it looks so delicious, crispy from the external look. But is definitely a fatty one for us. My guy has a sensitive taste bud. The first mouthful of food, he was shaking his head. There is a taste of that frozen food just out of the fridge and thrown straight for frying... Hmm... I never had much on the knuckle but my concentration was on that sausage platter. Oh... but I don't like cheese sausage. But the best will be the sauerkraut that is served in both dishes. That taste is sour but very appetizing. Good! 
And so we both had a beer and off we head for a walk to Sentosa via Boardwalk.  Whenever we are there, we used to go shop around at Vivocity but now, we turn to walking the boardwalk into Sentosa. That's an after food exercise for us. It is a 1km walk to and fro, just that boardwalk and not including around Sentosa. 

What should I say? This is so welcoming, seeing those cute artwork along the way. Snap snap snap... Do take peektures with it when u are there. Floral, ball, fishy, meowmeow.... Lots more. And there is mermaid too....

Hershey's! Just outside Universal Studios Singapore and there is one store at Citylink too. I simply love the bottles but is costly. $25. It is a piggy bank. I mean Hershey's bank. Big enough to save for years. Hahahah... Well my guy said till we move in to our new flat then consider buying. Their chocolates are nice too. Thumbs up!
Candylicious... Is a real sweet place over here... Everywhere in the store is sweets, lollipops, chocolates and more. I know my guy can't stand it because is packed in the store and he doesn't like sweet stuff, though sometimes he needs some sugar fix. So I told him since is Valentine's Day eve, let's have something sweet together.  

Within the store is iGelato. And there is one for one offer during that hour. Lucky us. $6.50 for two cups and two flavours.
One flavour was named after Smurf. From the peektures, u should have spotted the blue flavour right? Hmm... It tastes milky.  Anyway, I prefer sorbet than traditional ones. There are popsicles too.  Should have chosen that. Looks tasty. Woohoo....

Beside Candylicious is Big Easy!
The big jukebox is placed outside, as a deco I think. Wonder if it really can play music from it. For outdoor diners. Cool. Is listed in our dinner venue next time we come. Fish & Chips at $9.90!!! Wow..... 

Walk inside the new Malaysian Food Street at RWS. Lotsa varieties to choose from. Yup... in our dinner venue! 

And so our day ended, walking past the venue for Crane Dance..... It is so beautiful but... I will not really sit there and watch. Cos is kind of boring to me, just like the Sound of Sea. Haiz....
Manage to snap down this moment.... 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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