CNY 2012

Ok maybe it sounds stupid to post it now. Cos rather late indeed but well... beta than nt posting at all. My 1st two days of Chinese New Year... Hahahaha the photo below is cute, am I right? These 3 figurines have the way cheekiest smile... Melt my heart.

1st day of CNY. After all the visiting in the day, I head to my ex-colleague's house which is just nearby my place. My guy picked mi up and we went together. Nothing much actually. Eat, drink and chat. Head home ard 11+ near 12mn. So tired after a day.

2nd day of CNY. My guy came over my house as usual, for lunch. Abit screw up this year. Cos my bro's gf is coming over and only that morning, they told me is dinner and not lunch. I said I was not told about it!!!! I screamed at my parents! And they immediately get ready for lunch. And even told me not to tell my guy about this awkward thing. Kaoz... I also don't want to tell.  I scare he is embarassed. So my parents just let me scream on that day. After lunch, me and my guy headed down to River Ang Bao. Hahahah... For 2 consecutive years, we went there on CNY. That will include heading to MBS. Well... I took quite a lot of photos there but v lazy to post cos it always take a long time to upload. Sigh.... Let me update the photos on this post again when time permits, and preferably on this paragraph onwards. Stay tune. And so after a trip dw there, we head to another fren's house at Boon Keng area. Is another round of food, drink, chat, mahjong and show.
Indeed nice view from his house. Level 37 (if I rem correctly). Our fren lives in DBSS flat. So shiok!!! So windy out there from his balcony. But is way too expensive. I can't afford it. Only BTO is my choice. 7 near 8pm, we went home. Tat's the end of one day. Posted a photo in my FB profile and one of my guy's buddy commented that he missed it. Guess he is overseas so no choice but to give a miss for this gathering.  If not, I think he will turn up for sure.  The next day is work again! Where on earth will someone start work on 3rd day of CNY? Yup except for govt sectors. But why a private company? Haiz...