When I tink back tat day when I asked him to take a look at e blog I set up for us on our future n when tat day we actually quarrel, I feel so sad.. Til nw, I nv brought up anytin abt tis blog..

So sad.. I was always lookin forward to our future bt nv reali noe tat e quarrels al e while brought him fear.. I'm so upset abt it even until nw.. Anyway.. wat can I do? He used to brin up abt tis n tat n I m always feel warmth when we talk abt it.. Bt as days passed, I can reali confirm tat tis topic will nt b brought up eva again.. Even when I always tell him firmly tat I wont brin it up again, bt I m stil wonderin if we will b together for long or foreva anot... Shd I reali giv up e thots n start to look for someone else????? Next wk, he wil b havin evenin classes.. N we wil onli get to mit durin wkends.... I wonder wat shd I do then.. Guess I mus reali brace myself up.. Do e things tat I shd do.. I wan my confidence back! I dun wish to b a useless woman when one day he dump mi! I mus b a capable lady. A confidence, brainy, sophisticated lady of e century... I mus reali find tat back.. So tat I wont tink tat once I m attached, I m nobody liao.. I mus stil stand out frm e crowd.. Mus let myself tink tat I m stil worth n mayb, beta choices or chances out there... I must!!! Frm tml onwards, I mus! Confidence, brainy and sophisticated! *Muackz*