My 2010 Plans

Abit early bt beta ma... V determined to hv al tis plans to be executed.
  • Get my Aerobics Instructor licence
  • Get my driving licence
  • Our savings to hit $10k
  • My private savings to hit certain amt (E amt is in my mind)

Although those plans hv to b executed, I hv to sacrifice my holidays.. Told him tat for 2010, we can travel 2 times only.. One is already used and is for Phuket in Feb. Haiz.. Guess wat? Valentine's Day and our Anniversary falls on e CNY holiday.. N we r travellin to Phuket durin tis period.. No chance of celebrating both in one go... So sad... Bt he is payin for the trip n I fork out for e expenses.. Wahahah... Shiok bt stil sad cos of tat.. So hw to fully utilise e 2nd n last trip of e year??? I m tinkin whether to choose Taiwan or Beijing/Shanghai. If only my budget is enuff, I wish I can go for both.. Bt I hv already forecast my travelling budget n is v minimal.. So sad.. Anyway, mus try my best to utilise within my budget n he wont hv to spend alot again from 2010 onwards.. Especially on holidays.. Spend more on mi is e best.. Wahahah.. Shiok! End of tat holiday topic.. N bk to a topic which is nv goin to happen.. When wil it happen? I doubt it will.. Haiz.. Tats alll...................