Wat a wkend! Spend e whole day at home.. Sleepin n sleepin cos I m so sad. Cant do anytin.. Nv eat much too... Keep lyin on bed.. Til nite time, watch F1 and realise hw painful my head is.. Thanks to all e nappin ba.. Wahahaha.. Had panadol n went bk to slp after the F1 race.. Gd rite? Stil v sad.. bt y shd I when he is nt? I m brace myself up.. Shall b hapi cos he oso no care at al... I hv been so long nv talk to my frens abt my BGR prblm... Jus told them we r as usual.. Nv quarrel liaao.. Cant b bother to complain... Cos I prefer keepin it to myself unless ppl brought up theirs.. Den tat nite we quarrel, he said mi complainin to my fren cos I was smsin.. Bt I was jus smsin my fren whether to mit up e next day or nt... Den another time oso like tat say mi.. Kaoz.. I nv complain bt he said I complain.. Fine la.. A lot of things I wont do liao.. I wont as usual complain to my frens abt our prblm, I wont cry for any single thing especially in regards to us.. I wont want him to call mi after his drinkin or makan session wit colleagues or frens.. I wont ask him where he go, who he wit n wat he doin.. I wont ask anytin n jus shut my mouth.. Jus a plain r/s tis way.. He do his things, I do my things.. I dont question him n he dun question mi bk.. If nt, he is nt hapi at all always reportin to mi.. Fine! I m ok wit it.. Jus tat some times I wil tel him naturally where I go ar etc.. Stupid mouth of mine.! Damn stupid mouth! I shall keep it shut frm nw... Stop tinkin abt tis n tat.. All hopeless one! So dun nit to tink of any future in us! Jus b together, hapi or nt hapi n let nature take it course.. Arrgh.. Damn upset abt e quarrel last wk.. Damn upset... Hate it! N v sian... Nt feelin gd nw.. No appetite again! Arrgh!!