Wadss Up!

Bought tis at Watson. Haha.. Cheapo tumbler at $2.95. Lov it. I jus cant stop myself frm gettin Pooh back home.. There is a lunch box actually.. Was tinkin whether to get or nt. Bt later drop e idea cos I'm afraid it will b stored in my cupboard of Poohs.. Haha...

Bought this pair of shoes last mth when I met up wit e gals at Vivo... Frm Charles & Keith. Is a torture wearin it at first. Oh well, u noe shoes do 'bite' u on yr v 1st try. Bt nw use to it and I feel comfortable wearing.. Hee... Gt discount by usin my gf's membership.. Nice.. If there is any others tat I fancy, shall brin my gf along.. Woohoo