Finally an eva nitey dinner

Oh well... Too dark. Haiz.. My camera went flat.. So sad. Tis is my first and eva homemade candle light dinner wit my dearie.. Hee... Is nt tat kind of ex and sumptuous candle light dinner, bt a dinner which is economical and tru e heart.. I luv it... N I guess my guy tinks e same. E glasses and candles r bought b4 hand.. Hee. Guess where? At Daiso. Hahah... Ingredients r bought at Tanglin Mall.. Hee.. Wat we hv? Lobster soup, red wine (I brought it frm hm), baby carrots, asparagus and e steak. Nice. Al my guy's effort... Mi jus wash up everythin... Haha.. Suppose to b mi doin it bt end up my guy.. K la.. Next round shall do him a full dinner.. Wee...

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