My Naive Act over a guy

I'm goin to post somethin of my past... Some stupid acts I did in e past over a guy... Cos I was two time... Tats was abt 4 yrs ago... Naive tat time.. Bt by postin here nw, wil always make mi rem tat I wont make e same mistake again.. I'm stil havin some phobia over tis matter... Til nw, even if I'm attached, tis thin doesnt seems to get over mi... Cos tat was when I m hurt terribly... Mad tat time... Cos I nv been two time b4... Like wat she say, I shd b e one stoopin so low to fight over a guy... Disgrace... Shame... Disgusted... Hope tis feelin is gonna b over soon... Cos I lost a dignity battle!
I wrote:
So u r the one who yr Boyfriend is Andre lEE
rite? Damn bitch... I m his Gf Stella. Been
him for v long. U beta Stop contacting him and
leave him alone. He is mine. C yr email. I hv
email u too. Bitch Slut
She wrote:
Oh come on la..scolding bitch shows just where
ur maturity level is...pls show more sensibility...
So you say his urs..then take him away..but the
fact dun seem to point at ur allegation.i wun
stoop so low as to fight wit u over a guy cos i
dun need to.He has chosen to be with me.If he is
urs den y he is with me everyday?

If he did go back to you after that incident,he
is definitely keeping me in the dark,but nvm it
doesnt matter cos i can clearly say he is
spending much more time with me than with you.
Pls do not msg me any further cos u wun be
entertained.There's simply no pt.