My Little Victories

Cheap masks frm Sasa Hong Kong. Wonder if it is gd. Bought 2 extra packs for another gf of mine.. Hee... HKD5 for 2 packs... Hw u tink? Gonna try it soon.
Sometin beta as a gift for my bud... Haha.. Bought at Warnerbros shop located in Macau Tower... I bought one for myself for souvenir. Nice plcs in Macau r al in there... Lov it. Worth e bucks.

Ok.. My bro commented tat it looks like a fishmonger's boots.. Damn it.. Bt it nv dampens my spirit.. Cos I like it.. Haha.. Bought frm Shenzhen too.. So mani shops sellin boots and is dirt cheap compare buyin in SG.. Another gd deal!

I tink tis is e main purpose of my trip to Shenzhen.. Haha.. Finally fulfill a little wish of mine in gettin e LV speedy 25... In addition wit a cardholder (on e left). The wallet in front is my guy's. Hee.. Thot of gettin one more LV bag bt haiz.. Cant make up my mind cos too mani to choose frm.

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