A bz friday

Bloody hell.. My minutes of meeting rush frm mornin til noon time b4 lunch finish then done. Shit. So mani disturbance! Calls to chase mi for quotes. Arrghhh. Kana complain liao la. Always so late give quotations. Haiz... Mus reali take a look wat m I doin. Hee.. While doin work, surf net lor. Sian la. Kind of dun like to do anythin. My mind is al towards e end of e mth. My trip to Taiwan. Haha.. Haiz. Canot like tat le la. Kana complain liao. Mus noe my duty as an Officer. Shall get my things done tis Mon b4 go on leave for my exam on Tue. Haiz. Stress abt exam liao. My god.. Tat Financial Mgt is e most headache module. Damn it. Mus reali struggle liao for tis module. Shall reali stay at hm. study like hell... Arrrgghhh.... Die la. Work n exam, hw to handle? If my Boss noe I nv do my things, sure kana F like hell. He so fierce de. Somemore gt 1 project gt big prblm liao. He more bad mood lor. Beta b careful le la. Nvm. There is ways to solve e prblm. Mon shall solve everythin. Hee...
Straight after work, I mit up my classmate go for a ROM dinner of our youngest gal in my class. E above puzzle is our present for her. Abit cheapskate hor. Bt I do de lor. So ez. Within 30 mins I get everythin done including framing up. Haiz... Nvm. I tink when her customary dinner then giv her a big red packet ba.
This is the wrist cosage for my another classmate's bridemaid. Wow.. cost $6.00. V lacy lei. Haha... Dec will b her weddin liao... Mi n my newly wed classmate goin to b her 'sisters' lei. E dinner tonite nt bad lor. Bt e sharkfins, mushroom, chicken are kind of turn off. Sharkfin like milky sort. Mushroom no taste. Chicken too soft. Haha.. I tink if my classmate saw my post, sure say no nit mi to pay $$$ stil say so much... Haha..... Sure nag de lor. Haha...wahahahhh.... Tats al then... took alot of pics bt al wit them. Waitin for them to send mi. Sure v long. Arrgghh..