++ X'mas ++ Yeah!!! ++

Wow... Is goin to b Xmas liao. So hapi. Of al festive season, I luv Xmas e most.!! Oh... Hw I wish I gt e money to spend my Xmas in other country!! I tink there is more fun than in SG. Anyway.. My wkends shd b lots of fun. Haha.. Hope so. Bt Xmas itself tat day wil b at my Uncle's hse. I shall bring along e camera n take photos wit my cousins. Hee... Hmm.. If Xmas eve is confirm celebratin wit my frens, I shall bring cam too.. Wan to take dw every wonderful moments wit them especially during Xmas.. Stil lookin forward to my gal fren's Xmas party. Duno when wil it b. So miss her. Long time no c her since e last outing. Bt I m sure next mth we wil hv hi-tea together at Carlton. Yeah.. Recently nt feelin well lor. Too heaty le la. I mean myself. Drink lots of water liao n also herbal tea. Hmm.. bt I cant stop my tibits. Haha.. Haiz.. Guess I fail once again in my slimmin lor. Is goin to b 2006 soon. I stil so fat. Haiz.. So disappointed.!! How la? Bt after rebonded my hair, I v hapi liao. Haha.. I gain some confidence back tis yr. Is a secret n I wont tel. Anyway tis yr is a fulfillin yr for mi. N I hope next yr will b beta. I hope Fate wil pay mi a visit. Haha.. Hope onli. Next yr gt lots of things to fulfil. Bless mi. Bless everyone I knoe....


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