Hapi Day!!!

Today I take leave. Haha... Guess wat? I went to rebond my hair for jus $120. Feel beta nw. Hmm... Hapi..Bt veri tired. Wake up 9plus. By e time I reach hm frm e salon, is areadi 3plus. So tired n I feel abit blur blur liao. Duno la. Go for my class oso after lecture went off. Nv stay for tutorial. Haha.. Went off wit my fren then I drop off @ JE. Went CD Rama. Bought Energy's concert vcd. Watch liao n veri gd show actually. N veri touched by them. Haiz.. Nw Milk left e group. Duno hw Energy is goin to b. Kunda oso sick. Duno recover liao ma. Anyway tis is one of e vcd worth keepin. Tis e last concert wit Milk ard. Sad. Nw mi, stuck wit my projects. I reali duno hw to do lor. Sian.. Goin to submit soon. Aiyo.. HELP MI GOD!!!