++M e r r y X m a s++

Haha.. Finally is Xmas.. Yeah!!! I hv gt a necklace frm Mummy, a black camisole frm my Aunt and BodyShop products frm my Eldest cousin.. Al tis presents are wat I wan.. Shiok... Love it.. On e eve, I went to my best fren's hse. We intend to hv pizza bt due to large amt of orders, we had KFC n Mcdonald instead. Haha.. Fun!! Saw my godson. Took a pic wit him n his mummy... Belvin!!! So chubby so cute. Stay there to play some lame games.. Whoeva loses wil drink or eat the LOG cake.. Haha.. my guy fren ate e most..!!! Cos nobody help him lor.. Hee.. Bad rite? Ard 1am then head home. Manage to catch e train to JE then take cab home. Today my program is over at my Uncle's hse. Catch up wit my cousins and relatives. We eat, watch Mr Bean, had a few shots wit my cousins. Haha.. they r cute. I put up their pics on my Friendster. Hmm.. So fast is goin to b 2006. I'm a yr older lor.. V fast.. Haiz.. Mus stay healthy liao. If nt, I wil b a weak old lady. Enjoy e holidayss.. wit nice holiday movies on tv. I love Princess Diaries!! V good show.. I wish to watch e 2nd part. N by watchin tis show, I found e song I love for e long time. Is a pity til nw I duno wat is e song title. My god.. I tink I wil head dw to Orchard to search for the OST. I MUST!!! I love tat song too much. For so long I hv been searchin for it. Yes!!! I wil go get it...


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