Hmm...Last Sat jus met up wit my frens. Finally she nv bring her baby out. We mit up at nite @ Orchard. Stay there til nearly 1am. Haha.. We talk n talk lots of things. We decide to mit up on 24 Dec for dinner. I m goin to bring camera out. Dun care ar!! Once in a lifetime. Hee.. Bt I v piss off wit my tat guy fren. When we talk abt gettin me a bf, he keep repeatin e same old sentence lor.. Sayin ask tat guy out lor n c hw lor. If tat guy can accept mi n vice versa, then ok lor. He reali look dw on mi gettin a bf. I knoe I'm ugly bt he is no beta lor. He looks ugly too. Though he is those kind of thin one. Bt he nt TALL ma. Absent minded guy. Stupid!!! I mus reali prove it to him I can get a good guy tis time for myself. Idiot!! So irritating. I wan to complain to my gal fren one lor bt forget it. She wont say much of it. Anyway I make sure I get one lor. Bt recently is like, I couldnt get my fats off mi lei. My weight is increasing instead. F***!!! I make sure I wil get dw to 50kg by 31 Dec 05. I m so piss off liao. Bloody hell... I gt fish line beside my eyes lei. Shit!! Nvm, I hv bought a sun protection for face today. I goin to put it on everyday. Dun care. Angry wit myself liao. 2006 comin liao. Hw can I b stil e same as nw.!! I mus hv a new look for a new year. Bless mi. I shall do it!