gOOd BYE tO 2005

Drop my last note on e last day of 2005. Welcoming 2006!!! Yeah.. Conclusion of 2005: I hv fulfil my wish of gettin in Poly. Yeah!!! I m SP student liao til 2009. I wil join the alumni when I graduate. Jus like wat I do after my ITE days. I m a member of ITE alumni. My studies now is average. Bt stil can get by lor.. More discipline in sch cos lots of rules and regulation. Hehe... Next, I start givin money to my mum since Jan 05 liao... Monthly without fail. She is hapi n I m too. Cos I contribute to the family liao. I feel beta cos I hv been workin since 16 til now then I giv my mum a proper allowance every mth. Actually I feel so guilty. Bt I m not rite now. Yeah!!! Next, I learn one dance, tat is e Irish dance. For my performance tis yr for Soka Youth Culture Festival. Nv reali tried performing in front of so mani ppl ma. So feel excited for the 3 shows I participate. Though is tiring every training session, bt is over now. And I feel great abt it. Cos I gt a chance to perform! Shortly after e performance, we head for e next performance on NDP 2005 @ Heartland Tampines. Can u imagine? Wow.. so excited lor. More than thousands of ppl watchin e show. Haha... Next, is gt to know 2 great classmates frm SP. Is a pity one of them hv withdrawn frm e course due to some reason. They are great pals. Lookin forward to our meeting tml @ her hse. Hee... I tink tats abt it. Others r small matters like I HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT AND STRUGGLIN TO PUT OFF WEIGHT!! Angry... Arrgghhhh... Tis yr I hit e gym most frequent lor... Bt ok la.. Oso took up aerobics.. learnin yoga at home. Steady anot? Hee.. I set my new year resolutions liao... Hv u al done yrs? Is reali a good yr cos u know where u wil head for the brand new year.... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!